Friday, April 5, 2013

This and That

Hello party people!

How about that almost week long blogging break huh? I feel like I've been in a haze of... something.

It's nothing new that I've been thinking about Friday since Monday morning and this week was no different. I've been having Friday Letter moments all week. So let's get into them shall we?


Dear Tourist: Look, I love flip flops as much as the next person. I wear them as soon as I can but April 2nd when it's 34* and windy is not the ideal time. 

Dear First Floor Neighbor: I try to be kind to others so when you asked to use my phone to make a call, I said okay. When you knock on my door at 9pm to use my phone again it's a little weird. Especially since there is zero reason you should know where I live. I don't know you you asked but I'm not happy with them either.

Dear Cat: You go to the vet on the 18th and I couldn't be happier. Goodbye bane of my existence! (I'm referring to his boy bits of course)

Dear School: I think we need to see other people. - I'm confident you'll ace your finals since you have no social or sex life to distract you

Dear Appetite: Get a grip!! Why are you so insatiable when I'm trying to shed some unwanted pounds and get fit? You're trying to thwart all my efforts and I don't appreciate it.

Dear Co-Worker: STOP IT!!! You are the most annoying, disgusting person I have ever had to encounter on a daily basis. Why? Oh, perhaps because you eat lunch at your desk everyday. Not a crime, no but when you chew with your mouth open and smack your lips while eating I get stabby. On top of that, I get it, our job is mundane and boring, but your loud sighing every 5 minutes is really not necessary. So for the sake of my sanity, please, just stop.

The weekend entails gym time, laziness and other domestic errands. I have all the makings of a housewife. There's just this annoying j-o-b in the way. Tomorrow I'm meeting Miss Erin and some other crazy lovely ladies.

And in case you haven't seen it, I'm participating in a pretty helpful giveaway HERE

Until Monday.... 


  1. It can annoy me when people sigh as well. Especially when it is a mundane situation they were bound to find boring. I'm so glad you were referring to your cat's boy bits and not the cat itself. Although when he's lost them and he's sleeping all day (and on you at that) then he will become the bane of your existence still.

  2. Flip flops already?! I have a rule where I try not to wear them before May 1st. I'll break it if it's really hot, but come on... it's not even 60 degrees out!

  3. That is creepy...they should have their own phone or go get one instead of bugging their female neighbors late at night.