April 30, 2013

Who I Am

Last month I met a new blog friend and she wrote the most beautiful post I have read in a very long time. Seriously, if you haven't seen it I urge you to go read it and tell me you don't feel inspired in some way.

 I felt the need to try to identify who I am. Sure I'm a sister, daughter, girlfriend, student, etc. but who is this girl with the crazy, tragic and yet, almost magic life? Do I really know her?
I'd like to think I do.

Like Setarra mentioned, there comes a point in friendships when we all ask the question:
What was your first impression of me?

For me, the general consensus is bitch.
And you know what? I'm okay with that. I own it.
It doesn't mean that's who I am. Once people get to know me their opinion changes.
Others say I'm intimidating, hilarious, funny, or that they love my hair.

I think I'm too immature for my own good.
I would be perfectly happy to stay home and watch Disney movies ad Looney Tunes all day. Swinging at the park all day... living in Toys R Us... Why can't this be real life

I want to drop out of school... again.
But I won't. I've come too far and I'm too stubborn to do it a second time.
December 2014... I'm comin' for ya!

I think being a stripper is a much better idea
I see nothing wrong with it. Dancing + money = BALLIN'! Just keep business from pleasure and keep your nose clean.
I want to be single for the rest of my life
As much as I can be a people person, I think I'm equally a loner. I absolutely LOVE my me-time. But then I remember that some things are just better when shared with someone else.

I really am bitchy
There are some days I just can't deal with the lack of common sense that people have. These are days I should probably just stay home.

I want to skip work and enjoy whatever the day may bring
I don't know when it happened but I hate working. Although, if I won the lottery, I'd still work. There's a BIG difference between wanting to work and having to work.

I am grateful for something
I may not always say or show it but I am always grateful for what I have.

I wish it were summer and when it is, I wish time would just stop
I live for summer. I know a lot of us say this, but I really do. If the days are too cloudy or rainy for too long you'll see a drastic change in my moods.

I want to move
I get so restless. I always want to be on the go. Maybe it's my Sagg nature but I get bored in one spot.

I am afraid of failure
Just like everyone else I'm guilty of getting caught up in the "supposed to" thoughts. I was supposed to graduate college in 2006. I was supposed to have a career by now. I was supposed to.... I need to constantly remind myself that I'm where I'm "supposed to" be.

I am laughing
I love to laugh. Whether it's cry-worthy, pee-worthy or inappropriate, you'll find me laughing. It's the best cure for whatever ails you.


So who am I?

 I'm flawed and I make mistakes. But I always try. I do good deeds when I can and where I'm able. I appreciate the people and things in my life. I am a partier and a home-body. I'm a realist and a dreamer; a go-getter and a procrastinator. 
I'm me.
Do you know who you are?


  1. Love this! I get the bitch one too. And the I want to quit work and do whatever. And the I want to move.

  2. Love this post! This line "Others say I'm intimidating, hilarious, funny, or that they love my hair." is EXACTLY my life!

  3. Sounds like you know exactly who you are, and if I was 30 years younger I would say we must have been joined at the hip 'cause we sound so much alike.

  4. I absolutely loved this post! I feel like we are seriously so similar with a lot of thoughts and feelings. So awesome! I love getting to know the bloggers that I follow regularly :)