Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Candy Striper

What time is it?!
(if you said Tool Time you're funny but wrong!)

It's time for the Messy Project!

It's back with a brand new item and group of ladies to show you what they're working with. Let's get into it shall we?
If you're unfamiliar, and let's be honest, people in caves know about this already, it's fashion centered.

"The Messy Project is a monthly project in which 4 girls each month (5 including me) will receive an item of clothing from me & the goal is to style the item however YOU would wear it. You can add whatever you want. It’s YOUR item so I want you to make it yours."

So. The item. This month we were sent a shirt. But not just a boring t-shirt of course. We were sent this little candy confection.

  photo 535ce3b9-fbd9-4bb2-862f-1c54b2299041_zpsa5a694d0.jpg

Anyone who's been around here long knows I'm not a pink girl. In truth, I hate the color but do make the exception for something magenta based... or this shirt.

I immediately loved the stripes and headed to the closet to figure out what to wear. At first I thought about pairing it with my teal jeggings because the color contrast was fun. But uhm, those are a big snug right now. So no dice.  Then I thought about pairing it with jeans and a blazer. Fun, chic, and exactly how I'd wear it out. But I wanted to go with something different. For me, this shirt was a bit difficult. It's hi-low which is awesome, but that can be hard to style.

Instead, I went office chic.

 photo DSCN3142_zps7584b5c1.jpg
Please excuse my office kitchen
I spend 35 hours a week in an office. Unfortunately, this means I'm rarely in jeans. This is an outfit I can wear to work, a meeting (if I had them), an interview, a wedding, or any other time I need to step it up. It's dressy without being stiff.

 photo DSCN3159_zps375fee37.jpg

I paired the shirt with my high-waisted black pencil skirt and heels. I was disappointed that I'd have to tuck in the tail but I assure you it didn't look good hanging out.  

 photo DSCN3161_zpsec121538.jpg

I'll go right ahead and say that these pictures suck. Taking full body selfies while trying to keep the stove or cat food out of the picture is not easy. And since K was working all weekend, I didn't get a chance to take anything proper. 
Case in point? The missing head.

 photo 7a9e85e0-43bc-4d5c-bca0-b21e391d8210_zps88013d30.jpg

And how can we forget the shoes?!

 photo DSCN3154_zps8cd95f0f.jpg

Shoes: Steve Madden // Shirt: Monteau // Skirt: Dots

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  1. That shirt is ADORABLE! The selfies are great, too. Thanks for being real about the awkwardness of self-portraits! Did you use a self-timer? I almost wished there was cat food in the background, like "I Spy". Here's hoping you get the chance to wear that cute top somewhere fun soon!

  2. Quite chic girlfriend!!!! I LOVE that skirt and can I just say that those shoes are "come hither heels". The other term I would like to use is not PC for a blog comment. LOL

  3. That top is cute!!! I love the color and I love that you dressed it up!

  4. SO CUTE!! And LOVE the shoes!! :)

  5. ONE HOT MAMA RIGHT THERE!!! That first picture.... dang girl, get it!

  6. I love this look, so chic! I would have never done this outfit like this but it is great!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  7. This top is so versatile!! You look gray in it!! Love your pearls and pencil skirt. ; )

  8. I looked at them all and yours was my favorite! LOVE that skirt.

  9. Oh fun fun fun! I love your take on the shirt!

  10. I love how you styled the shirt! Super classy for work or a night out!


  11. wow i think you put together a great outfit! i really like the formal/fun aspect of it!

  12. helllllllllo skinny! seriously you look so thin. I LOVE this look on you! its fabulous & i am obsessed with your little office background to go with the look. SO fun! I seriously could not have asked for a better job and i lala LOVE the color on you! those shoes are killer too! THANK YOU so much for all your hard work!!! it has been SO much fun having you on both projects and please come back anytime & play again!!!!!! XOXOOX

  13. That is such a pretty stripped shirt! Pink is always a nice way to go!

  14. That is such a pretty stripped shirt! Pink is always a nice way to go!

  15. Oh my goodness, what a fun idea! That shirt is adorable and I LOVE the way you styled it. Off to check out the others. :)

  16. looks like a great work outfit, but also a fun weekend wear!! good job!!