Monday, May 6, 2013

Just Call me Sporty Spice

The first weekend of May is officially under our belts. 
Only 2 more weekends to go until summer is finally here. At least in my book.
And then it will be time to whip out the white.

This weekend was full of fun.

Friday night coworkers and I went to Hallo Berlin after work.

That's 2L (66oz. aka 12.5 beers) that you're looking at. 
I didn't order one of these bad boys because I refused to pay $30 for a beer that would be warm by the time I got to the bottom. 


Saturday K and I went to our first Yankees game together. If you've been around for awhile then you know I detest baseball. It's just soo boring. If you ever find me at a game, I'm there for the $12 beer. 
Yes, I do realize the ridiculousness of that statement.
I found a steal of a deal last month and bought them immediately. It more or less worked out to being BOGO. And I love me some BOGO.

I made an oops in my purchase though. I meant to buy bleacher seats, you know, so I could sit in the sun and at least work on my tan, but I accidentally bought grandstand seats. Need a light bulb changed? I was your gal!

Overall it was a great afternoon and I got lucky because it was a quick game.
Yanks won by the way. The score itself? I have no idea. I was too busy staring at Gardner every time he was on the screen. 

Post game we headed home and later went to a friend's for the fight. 

It's still so weird to me. I don't love boxing but I enjoy watching it now.
As a kid I hated it. I personally can't stand Mayweather but watching him fight is something. I actually missed the entire fight for girl talk with an acquaintance  It was much better :)

Sunday was a gorgeous day. I mean gorgeous. 
I was supposed to go to the gym but, you know, I don't wanna.
So instead I dragged the BFF along with me to Great Falls in Paterson.
Post on that coming soon.

And that concludes my sporty weekend! 

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  1. I didn't even know beer came in two liter glasses. I didn't even know they made two liter glasses. I've never been one for sports, or boxing much myself but I hear that a lot of people go to baseball games just to drink copious amounts of beer, and that you need copious amounts of alcohol to enjoy baseball.

  2. Love the beer boot!!!! And we go to at least 2 baseball games a week because my oldest son plays. It grows on ya.

  3. A $30 beer???? Whaaaaa! I would have passed too!! I don't think I could have drank all of that!! LOL!

  4. I just ordered Yankee Boston tickets for my dad for his birthday! Can't wait!

  5. $30 for warm beer is GROSS!

    And you look so cute the two of you!

  6. Okay so Hallo Berlin looks like a place where I would need to be ok with swapping spit with someone else because I would def need to share that boot of beer! I'm going to my first Yankees game at the end of the month and am super stoked. Hurry up Summer!

  7. OMG those beers are intense! And I did Oktoberfest, too!! Never seen anything like that!