Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Make It Happen May!

Hey there friends!
Here we are conquering our 2nd week of May.
I know, it's crazy. It seems like only yesterday I was bitching that winter needed to pack it's shit and go because our relationship was OVER!
But alas, 'tis true.
If you don't recall April's goals, you can view them HERE. Otherwise, mama's got a whole new bag this month. Here's a look of what's going on upstairs.
Basically, I'm going to try to do more. More activity, more clean eating, more planning. 
In this case more will get me less.
The only numbers I care about are my measurements and the scale.
I plan to take my measurements every other week and step the scale at the gym once a week, most likely Saturday mornings.
I'm going to try to put more emphasis on strength training instead of cardio this time around. Weighing less is always great but there's a big difference between skinny and fit.
Just to leave you with a little mid-week motivation...
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Now go DO something!


  1. I needed this kick in the butt because I've been a super lazy arse lately. ZERO motivation. You would think shorts weather or bathing suit season might scare me straight. But no, I'm downing Dove chocolate like there's no tomorrow. Here's to doing better!!!

  2. Good luck with your goals this month. I had planned to run a 5k this summer, but don't think I'll get my training done in time. I've got to get on track to run one in the fall.

  3. I love My Fitness Pal and I hate it at the same time. Sometimes it just feels like so much damn work, especially when I cook a new recipe from scratch and I have to hand type in 20 different ingredients just to know the nutritional information.

    Keep at it, though! Your goals are realistic and I know you can stick with it!

  4. saying haay from the link up.

    dude, LIQUID AWESOME. Super love that!

    I, too, suck at tracking my meal/exercise. We can do this!

  5. honestly i keep kicking myself every time i fall off the working out wagon. but it just can't be helped.