Friday, May 10, 2013

Now n Later

Last week I joined the insanely awesome #backthatazzup link-up. My throwback? Tiffany. It's an awesome feel-good song that you can't help bop along to. I got a comment asking whatever happened to her. Indeed. What did happen to the red-headed, mall-singing pop star?

So that got me thinking...

What ever happened to those awesome one-hit wonders of days gone by? Being the successful interwebz stalker I can be am, I did my homework. Before your time? Don't worry, I've added some info. 

I Think We're Alone Now

 Tiffany. Every teen girls idol in the late 80s.
Our red-headed teen queen is still singing. And I have to say, she's aged pretty damn well.

Milli Vanilli
Girl You Know It's True/ Blame It On the Rain

The dynamic duo were a hit in the late 80s. "However, their success turned to infamy when their Grammy was revoked after LA Times author Chuck Philips revealed that lead vocals on the record were not the voices of Morvan and Pilatus". Oops. Rob Pilatus died of an overdose in 1998. via

Vanilla Ice
Who doesn't love Vanilla Ice? Sure he almost got his ass beat by Suge Knight... and he was sued for almost ripping off a classic but that doesn't mean this song is any less awesome. Stop. Collaborate and listen because Rob Van Winkle sure has cleaned up. He's almost attractive now.
Word to your mutha!

Tommy Tutone
You're singing it. If you claim you're not, you're lying. It's the most dialed phone number in America. "The song became so popular that people in the United States to this day dial this telephone number and ask for Jenny as a prank. Regarding the famous number, "We had people threatening to sue us. It was the Buffalo Chief of Police's daughter's number in New York," said frontman Tommy Heath"via 

Take On Me

Remember this one? When I was a kid I loved this video. It's hand drawn and made no sense to 7 year old me. Watching it 21 years later, I still don't get it.
A-Ha has had a long-lasting career for a group from Norway. They officially retired in 2010.

Right Said Fred
I'm too Sexy

Oh Fred, you sexy thang you. Where do I even begin. This song makes me laugh. So much. And yet, I can't help but sing it while I do my little turn on the catwalk, yeah on the catwalk, while I shake my little tush on the catwalk. "Right Said Fred are the first UK band since The Beatles to reach the number one slot in the USA with a debut single. The single also went to number four on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart. I'm Too Sexy has been used in over 50 movies and 100 TV commercials." via

Now excuse me while I go spend the rest of the weekend be too sexy for Milan, New York and Japan!

See you kids Monday!


  1. A-Ha are done? I still love that video. It remains one of the most magical music videos I've ever seen.

  2. They played "I'm Too Sexy" at a wedding shower I was at last weekend. Good times!

  3. Ahh!! Loved this trip down memory lane. Most of them have held up pretty well. Gotta agree with the Take On Me video, one of the best ever!

  4. Right Said Fred look CREEPILY the same. But I have to say....if I was a one-hit wonder, I'd stop performing my one hit. I'd go off and be a carpenter or something, like Jake from Sixteen Candles.

  5. Awesome trip down memory lane!! I just put on I'm Too Sexy. It's impossible not to love that song.

  6. OMG YES - all of these.
    i'm not even mad that they're going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day.