Monday, May 20, 2013

Pint Sized Happiness

Monday's have a certain Groundhog's Day feel about them don't they?
The same thing, over and over.
Today's Monday will be different.
But first, a rewind.

Friday afternoon I was reacquainted with Greyhound and took a trip home. This was one of the nicer buses so I was lucky to have outlets by my feet. 
I love convenience.

Friday night wasn't anything crazy. Time with the PeaPod and chit chat with Mama Dukes. 

My brother, the Princess, and moi goofing around

I'm such a sucker for this face

Saturday morning I was up before the sun. I wasn't too pleased about it but there was a great reason for it. Friday night I was telling my mom how I have a cavity that really needed to be filled, etc. She tells me that she thinks free dental day was Saturday at the office across the street. Say whaaa?

Sure enough, it was. I was out of bed and in line by
6:20, registration started at 7:30 and then you'd wait until your number was called. I thought there were people in front of me but I was #40. Not bad!

I went in, they filled my cavity for free and I got a free t-shirt. Oh, and I saved $200 by not having to pay my insurance deductible and do it in NJ.

I spent the rest of the day with da Baby and did some light shopping with mom.

Kentucky Derby 2014, here we come.
What can I say? We're not exactly hat women. 

Saturday night I joined one of my best friends for dinner to celebrate her 30th birthday. We went to this place called Burger Mondays and it was really good.

I order the Buffalo Mozzarella app which, although was OK  looked much better than it tasted. 

I followed that with a Meditteranean burger and fries which was amazing. It was washed down with some Brooklyn summer ale and I scored this little prize for myself.

Because I'm too lazy to take a pic of my own.... via

Yup. I stole my glass. Don't act like you've never done it. I don't have a Yuengling glass yet and in my defense I told our server I was taking it. She probably assumed I was joking but I told her I wasn't. Sorry, I'm not sorry.

We followed up with a trip to Thirsty's and then took it back to the house for some Wii karaoke... until 1:30am. 

Sunday I spent all morning with the Princess. She's so damn entitled. she has this little habit of wanting a drink from her sippy cup, but you have to hold it. She wants a bottle? You have to hold it. I don't play that game so I make her do it herself. I'll spoil, but I won't spoil rotten. 

See what I mean?

She'll let you bug her, just as long as you don't block the TV.

Sunday we went for a drive. 

Picked some flowers to give to Dammit Gramma.
Remember how I was saying this Monday was different? 
Whelp, I'll be going to see Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and some others for a free concert tonight! My $20 and I are going to get our thrift on. It all says no cameras but I'll see what I can do. 

Happy Monday loves!


  1. Awww what a cute baby! And i love macklemore! Very cool.

  2. Love that precious baby and your brother's face is crackin' me up!!! Way to score a free filling.

  3. the only reason we have as many pint glasses we do in our home is because i steal them on the reg. so glad i'm in good company.

  4. Umm she is freakin adorable! I had an outlet by my feet on the way home too. That seriously saves me on bus trips. And hooray for that concert tonight. Jealous. Have so much fun!

  5. Oh man I was supposed to go to that concert too but other stuff came up :( Have fun!!

  6. I love that you got a cavity filled for free! That's amazing. Cute little girl :)