Friday, May 17, 2013


Was it just me or did this week drag by?
Last week was so speedy and for no reason.
Either way, it's here.

You can't go wrong with cheetah and Batman.
So I bailed on posting on Wednesday. Sorry I'm not sorry. I just didn't feel like it.
Not to mention, I had nothing in the queue. I need to get better about creating "reserve" posts. I'm working on having K guest post one of these days but he's slacking. But I promise, it's coming.

I'm heading "upstate" this afternoon to go smother myself in baby. I look forward to these mini-vacations so much. It's time away from crazy NYC, time with my niece, and time to just decompress. And take pictures. And be incredibly exhausted when I get back. But it's so worth it!

In the mean time, how about a few letters? It's been awhile.


Dear Blink Fitness: I'm trying. I really am. I want to visit you daily but I'm just not there in our relationship yet. I tried a new routine yesterday... It was ok. Let's keep at it, okay?

Dear Summer: Don't be shy. Everyone is waiting for you. Just come on out and I promise no one will be rude. I'm always on your side.

Dear Bills: I've had about enough of you. Kindly leave.

Dear Greyhound: Let's have a nice, quiet, uneventful ride tonight shall we? Although, if we pit stop at BK I won't be upset. Just saying.

Dear Closet: I'm doing my best to update you and keep you full. It's hard you know, you're not exactly footing the bill for your own makeover here. Work with me... and be patient. New goodies are on their way.

Dear The Oatmeal.comYou are the best time wasting website ever! So much hilarity. Like here, and here. And here.

 Dear Candy Crush: Sweet Jesus have you got a hold on me. I just can't quit you. I want to but then your sweetness brings me back for more.

Before I leave you for the day, I have a small favor to ask.
You see, I love this here blog, but sometimes it's a bit difficult to either a) come up with new posts, or b) make sure you guys are entertained. So, I'm going to get my answer straight from the horse's mouth eyes. 

If you would be so kind as to answer the question below it would help me out.

After a few days, I'll total it all up and let you guys know the results. Sound good? I thought so.

I'll see all your lovely faces on Monday!


  1. Yeah bills! Stay away from me too! I'M TIRED OF YOUR ATTITUDE, BILLS!

  2. Have fun with the baby. A niece of mine who hasn't come over in months is finally coming back for the weekend so I'm hopefully going to be having some fun myself. She's the only one who really plays games with me.

  3. Don't you wish clothes and accessories could suddenly just appear in our closets? That would be fabulous! I just laughed out loud at the cats - heterosexual man envy! ha!!

  4. You bus pit stops for fast food? What? I really just hope I don't have to sit next to anyone. That's the most anxiety I ever experience in life. Hoping to hell I get a double seat to myself.

  5. oh I love the oatmeal. that and buzzfeed of course