Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Up, Up and Away

Hello loves!! 

Can you believe it's already the first of May!?
Me either. But it means Memorial day weekend, aka the start of summer, is only 26 days away! 

Remember back when I was contacted by eShakti to review this dress?
Well, they asked me to do another for their spring line. 

How cute is this pattern?!

Seriously, I love this company. 
The fact that you can completely customize the sizing is amazing. It gives new meaning to phrase "it looks like it was made for you". That's because it was!

Unlike my last selection I custom sized this one and it truly fits like a glove. And I actually don't mind the pockets in this one. In case you were wondering, it has a twirly skirt :)

eShakti can be made for everyone. Their sizing ranges from 0-36W.

Now I just need to find somewhere to wear it!

Need a dress for a wedding or event? eShakti is the place to go!
If you're a new customer you can register with them and receive a code for $25 off your first purchase.


Side note: K cracks me up. In that annoying 'why are you asking so many questions' kind of way. He volunteered I forced him to take these pictures and everytime I get the 'Why do you need so many pictures?" "What are these for?" questions. Umm hello?! I need eleventy hundred pictures because you are a guy and have no photo skills. (I can't tell you how mnay of these pictures had me with a pole coming out of my heard or a satellite dish in my ear. Or cut off limbs.) It's hard being the subject and having to "direct" the photographer. #BlogProblems

I did however tell him that until the someday when I can afford a professional to take pictures for me, it is his job so he better get good. I was meant with a resounding 'whatever'. What are they for?! What a silly question. Of course they're for Le Blog. At this juncture, all things are "for the blog".

Do any of you that enlist your boyfriends/partners/husbands have this problem?

I'll see you kids on Friday!

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  1. I love them! I LOVE the skirt I got from them and can't wait to wear it again!

  2. Very pretty!!!! Isn't the Kentucky Derby coming up? Perfect dress for a Derby PAR-TAY!!!

  3. My spring dress didn't fit well- I was SO bummed. Yours fits perfectly though! That photo with the cupcake is precious :)

  4. What a cute dress! I love the whimsical print and those shoes are killer! Great photos too. You look beautiful!

  5. LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWO DRESSES from them!?!?!

    Love what you picked out!!!!

  6. What a fun pattern! I'm dying for Memorial Day to get here too!

  7. This dress is so cute on you! I always want to add more pictures nicely taken of me...but I can never find someone to do it right :( Guess I will just stick to bathroom pics. Also I LOVE your simba tattoo!!


  8. Pretty dress and heels!

  9. I love the pattern of that dress, and the photo of you sitting down is precious!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  10. I love this dress and it looks fabulous on you!

  11. YOU, my dear.. look GORGEOUS! I love how you're eating a cupcake - such a cutie :) That dress is great, I need to shop there!

  12. That dress is FAB, you look amazing, and those shoes? Perfection.

  13. You look amazing in all of these pictures!! that dress is fabulous on you!!!
    and yes my hubby does that all the time!! i ask him to take a pic of my outfit in stead i get 15 blurry pictures and me getting irritaed with him!!

  14. Looooove that print! The whole outfit is adorable!

  15. That dress is GORGEOUS on you! I'm so sad that they have never asked me to review. I think I'm the only one, haha.