Friday, June 21, 2013

Beach Babe

It's here!!!!

Summer is officially here and this girl is more excited than a cat in a pool of catnip.

Getting ready for beach season seems to be the one thing that everyone has in common. We all want to look our best when it's time to strip down and run amok in our high class underwear. Face it, a bathing suit is nothing more than a bra and granny panties. But dammit, they better look good!

Since I've slacked off more time than I care to admit when it came to getting in shape this season, I'll be rocking my same tankini from last year. It fits, I like it, it's comfy. However, had I spent a little more time in the gym instead of eating and drinking my way around town these are the suits I'm loving!

Set Sail
Bandeau top bathing suit, $25 / A|X Armani Exchange a x armani exchange / Flora Bella beach tote / Rut&Circle round sunglasses, $19 / Stretch headband
Set Sail by gotjack28 featuring a x armani exchange

Stripes have been a clothing heat wave lately - they are HOT! They're everywhere so it's a good thing it's a favorite pattern of mine. Navy and white are effortless.

Love the Dots

And if it's not stripes, it spots. I love this coral two piece. I added in bright contrasting flip flops for extra color and kept the accessories light and neutral.

Sunshine on my shoulders

Shimmi ruched swimsuit / Topshop swim cover up / Fat Face striped flat, $16 / ALPHABET BAGS summer beach bag, $20 / GUESS by Marciano oversized sunglasses

This suit is probably my favorite. Mainly because it;s yellow. Beyond that this look is the most casual and effortless to me, and that's exactly how I like my fashion!

And let's not forget it's FRIDAY!!!  You know what that means, it's time to #BACKTHATAZZUP

Today, we're kickin' it old school!

And to celebrate the start of summer I've got a fun filled weekend planned.

But you'll have to come back on Monday for the details!

Are you ready for summer? Any fun plans?
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  1. I love that striped suit. I haven't gone bathing suit shopping in years. You can't even imagine the rags I put on. Good thang I go no further than my backyard!

  2. SUMMER! I wanna go to the beach! I need to get tan! AHHHHH!

  3. I'm not really one for summer but I do have some shorts at least. I can not wait for the day I can safely walk around without a shirt on. I'd probably do it in winter knowing me.

  4. Love the striped bikini, the straw bag and the tortoise sunglasses. Thank you so much for linking up!! ; )

  5. I love the striped bikini! I can't wait until I'm brave enough to get in one of these again... Someday soon! Happy 1st day of summer! <3

  6. Love the "set sail" bikini!! So cute!! Have a great weekend!

  7. I love the bag in the first picture!

  8. I love all three suits but the first one is my favorite!! i wish i could wear strapless but my jugs are just too big!

  9. I just bought a tankini! At Target, of all places. It was one of those "Goddamnit I need a swimsuit so let's go out and get a cheap one." First one I picked out fit like a dream, which happens exactly ONCE A DECADE, so I snapped that thing up. Didn't even look at the price, which? for the record? Not that cheap, Target. You let me down. But when the suit fits, you buy it. End of story.