Monday, June 3, 2013

Bride on a Budget

All I need to say about this weekend is that mama loves the shore.
I need to live there. Or just have the money to rent a house for the season. I'm not picky.

I have no idea...
It was a gorgeous day though. Partly cloudy but they kept rolling by. I ventured into the water and it was freezing but after having been in the ocean in February, it didn't phase me. This week will be busy for me. Nothing much going on tonight. Tomorrow I'm going to a movie screening. Wednesday I have an interview. Thursday is DMB! And Friday is Friday!
As for today's title, don't worry, no wedding bells here.
Weddings are increasingly expensive, am I right? I look at people getting engaged and the first thought I have is how do they do it? I have mine all planned out on Pinterest of course and in reality, I do have things in mind for what I'd like, but I can assure you it will be budget friendly.

Apparently Target agrees.

Tuesday morning I was listening to the news and they were talking about Target. Of course I stopped to pay attention.

Target is now offering a bridal line!

And even better, it's all insanely affordable!

This bridesmaid dress comes in several gorgeous colors and range in size from 2-28W.

Starting at $69.99 they're perfect to wear as a guest or for any other dressed up occasion. 
TEVOLIO™  Women's Sleeveless Silky Chiffon Dress w/Removable Flower - Fashion Colors

TEVOLIO™  Women's Scoop Neck Taffeta Dress w/Removable Sash - Assorted Colors Quick Information
There's a fabric glossary in case chiffon, taffeta or shantung are foreign words to you. They have a sizing chart to make ordering easier. And let's not forget those studly grooms! Target also offers tuxedos, suit separates and boys' tuxes to make sure your men are dressed to the nines as well.
TEVOLIO™  Women's Soft Satin Rouched Bridal Gown - Assorted Colors Quick Information
The Tevolio line is exclusive to Target and is only online. To me, this is the only downfall as I hate buying things without being able to try them on. The line offers bridal gowns, although I think the selection is very limited, as well as bridesmaid and flower girl dresses.
TEVOLIO™ Flower Girls' Dress -  White Quick Information
TEVOLIO™  Women's Soft Satin Cowl Neck Bridal Gown - Assorted Colors Quick Information
Personally, as much as I'd love to have the money to spend on a Kleinfeld's dress, reality says otherwise. Finding a wedding dress can be not only expensive, but stressful. I like that Target is now offering a more affordable solution for people who have a tight budget. Of course these won't be for everyone but if you need a dress on the cheap, it's a good option.

What do you think? Would you buy wedding dresses at Target?

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  1. I think there wouldn't be any kind of shame or anything in buying a dress from Target and they do look pretty nice. But I am a cheap bastard. Weddings are pretty expensive so if I ever get married I'll probably try and find some way to not make it so expensive.

  2. Although my love for Target is immense, I don't think I'd buy a wedding dress from there. They do have some really cute bridesmaid dress options, though!

  3. That's awesome that Target would do that! Cute line too ;)

  4. I love, love--LOVE the ocean. I can basically be on any coast and have a smile on my face.

  5. Wow, thanks for the heads up! I'm getting married in August...on the beach, and it's nice to know I can turn to Target for cheaper dress options. No shame in that!

  6. What DOESN'T Target sell these days? Seriously? And no, I would never buy my wedding dress at Target haha. Bridesmaid dresses yeah maybe.

  7. I read the title and was like "Holy cow, what did I miss??" Haha. I think it's AWESOME that Target is offering a line like this. We eloped, but hope to have a renewal of the vows in the next few years ;)

  8. Target never ceases to amaze me...I would def be open to getting a bridesmaid dress from there...a wedding dress? Not so sure! :) And I wanna go to the shore with you!! How fun!

  9. Wait, REALLY? How great is that? Maybe I should listen to the news....

    Sparkles and Shoes

  10. forget Target -- can we talk about how cute you look in that beach pic? LOVE IT! *severe beach envy*