Friday, June 7, 2013

I've Become a Pro at Breaking and Entering

Sometimes you just need to break in.
I can legitimately say that I have broken into two cars in my life.
Sure, I knew the owners. I'm not that kind of girl. Still, I think it's an additional stamp on my bad ass card.
Take for instance the time I had to break into my own truck.
My then bff and I went to the bar, consumed a drink or three and then decided to call it a night. I was diging in my bag for my keys and couldn't find them. Insert panic. I had been misplacing my keys as of late and was freaking out that I must have locked them in the truck by mistake. So what do I do?
Break into my own truck, with a garden hose, outside of the bar at 12 am.
Two things: Yay for no cops going by because surely I would have been arrested; and yay for being successful.
As soon as I got the door open I dumped my bag out on the seat and out tumbled my keys. I don't know where they were hiding but I didn't think it was funny. Who am I kidding? I couldn't stop laughing throughout the entire escapade.
The following summer I had to use my skillz again.
Mom, MBFF, siblings and I went down the shore for the day. Mom and I decided to head to the boardwalk and order a pizza to bring back.
We trucked it all the way up to the boardwalk to get her wallet out of the car and realized that the keys were in her bag.... back on the beach. Logic says to do the walk of shame and go back and get them. My brain says shove your arm in the cracked window and press the button.
Mom tried first and failed.
Step aside lady. Let me show you what I know.

The opening looks large enough to put your arm in and press the button on the door, but it's not.
I had to literally wedge my arm in there up past my elbow. And it hurt. A lot. I was worried I was either going to get stuck or break the window.
And then of course I set off the car alarm.
Here we are in a parking lot down the shore surrounded by beach goers galore, with my arm shoved in a car window with the alarm going off. No, this doesn't look suspicious at all....
Needless to say I got the door open, we retrieved the wallet, and there was pizza for all.
Moral of the story? Learn the fine arts of B&E. You never know when it's going to come in handy.
And since it's Friday you know I can't let you go without a little #backthatazzup.
It's an oldie, but I just can't help it. I like this song.
Have a great weekend and try not to break any too many laws!


  1. I've never had to break into a car but I was accused of it once. I was trying to get something out of my dads car and the lock is super fiddly and annoying. I put the key in but the lock wouldn't turn. You had to do it a certain way and I couldn't. I also couldn't give up though. I was there so long someone called the cops on me. They escorted me back across the road to my house and either believed my story that it was my dads car or thought I was drunk and harmless and wasn't worth bringing in.

  2. I love that first picture! You looked like you were thoroughly enjoying sticking a hose in your car!