Wednesday, June 12, 2013

That Time I Stole Shoes

Who doesn't love a good deal?

And I don't mean the kind where I got eleventy six bottles of baby oil or ketchup for $0.75. I'm looking at you extreme coupon people. Seriously. You really need all those condiments?
 But really. You all know I love a good deal. If not, educate yourself here, here or here. I'll wait.

I'm talking about the kind of bargain that makes you squeal at the register. The kind that makes you want to brag to everyone, and I do mean everyone. The kind that makes you that girl...

Memorial Day weekend started with one of those moments.
Like any red-blooded woman, I love shoes. Not just strappy high heels and gorgeous leather boots, but all shoes. Flats, sandals, sneakers. I don't hate.
For Christmas Mama Dukes got me a gift card to DSW. Like a weirdo, here it is 6 months later and I still have it - unused. So I went, looking for something fun and cute for summer. I need to expand my options to something other than the 6543 pairs flip flops I own.

I was also armed with a $10 off e-mail. Thanks DSW, love you too. On top of that, my friend sent me a picture with the code for $20 off a purchase over $49. I wasn't sure I'd be able to use this though. If that isn't winning I don't know what it.

So here I am walking every aisle. Because you know, you can't just go in for what you're looking for. You have to look at everything. I found a pair of striped ballet flats I liked and then headed upstairs to clearance. You know, just in case.

The first thing I laid eyes on were a pair of cognac wedges that were super cute. I put them on and they fit like a dream. I checked the price and realized they were $60. Damn. Like an ass I left my credit card home so as not to continue spending, so I had nothing on me other than my gift card and coupons. I put them back and kept looking.

I tried on a cute pair of boots that would be perfect for fall but realized that fall boots would do me no good. When I checked their price I realized that I was looking in the wrong column. Which means I was looking in the wrong column before too. I was looking at the before price, not the 40% off price. I went back and got the wedges and did the math. I had just enough.

I finished trying on the rest of the cute shoes in my size, triple checked the pricing sign and headed down to pay. When I gt to the register I played dumb and asked if I could use the reward code that I had a picture of. She tells me I'm supposed to have the mailer... and then asks if I had it. Obviously not otherwise I would have given it to you... I continued playing dumb and said no as she typed in the code... and it went through. Score! I then used my $10 reward e-mail. Then my gift card.

Total spent?

And because I saw a super cute infinity scarf that I just had to have, I took my remaining gift card balance and bought it for $16.

And if that's not a steal, I don't know what is.


  1. Such a great deal. I used to do the grocery store game and at one point I had dozens of boxes of cheesits-And then I started eating healthy so it kind of ruined it for mer :)

  2. Those are super cute wedges! I'm right there with you. If I can make a deal, I share my victory with everybody! It's exciting!! :)

  3. Wow! What a great deal! I'm known to brag for hours after I score an amazing deal. I just can't help it -- I get so excited when it happens, lol

  4. Those shoes are ridiculously cute but can we talk about extreme couponers? Like, WHY DO YOU NEED THAT MANY TUBES OF CHAPSTICK. Seriously. You only have 2 lips.