Monday, July 15, 2013

All The PVD Tears

Today's regularly scheduled post is hiding under the covers going through Team Umizoomi withdrawals. It does not apologize for this inconvenience. Sometimes this blog gets emotional and just misses its Little Miss.

After spending five fun-sized full days with her, how does one not? Today our keys are tear streaked, we have no idea how to function with adults and we're really setting ourselves up for disappointment when we continuously sing the Bubble Guppies lunch time song.

I'm longing for Spongebob and naps and waking up at 8:30.  That's the life. And so, dear readers, I've got nothing for you today but all the blues that come along with PVD (Post Vacation Depression). 

Wednesday will be better. Or I'll still be crying the Team Umizoomi theme song in my Cheerios. 

Either way, I'll see you then. 

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