Monday, July 22, 2013

Blogging Made Me Do It

It may not be common knowledge, but this here blog started on a whim.

I was only a month into my new job and was bored to tears. I was reading through my books like wild fire and needed something to pass the time. I don't know where the idea came from but I decided to start a blog. I had tried before and always felt as though it were all "dear diary" and I was only writing to myself, so I'd always quit. 

In September, 2011, CTAM was born. At first I had no idea what to write about and was kind of just writing with no purpose. Still, after a few posts I started seeing comments. Other people were reading my words? Those first blogs mean a great deal to me and I will never forget them. I still read them and comment, but it was their comments that encouraged me to keep going. 

With almost 2 years under my belt, I've learned a few things.

 photo baeeb5a9-35a7-44ee-900a-daa8f890950f_zps4ceb98eb.jpg

My bank account hates me
It never would have occurred to me at the time but blogging can get expensive. Between sponsor spots, giveaways, swap link-ups and subscription boxes this hobby needs its own spot in my budget.

Your outfit matters
Lezzbehonest, bold and colorful or clean and muted, we'd all rather look at something pretty. Call us shallow but aesthetics matter. My design was the best $100 I ever spent.  

Hi! Welcome to Blogger, would you like editing with that?
Between drafting and editing posts, editing pictures, reading blogs, commenting, responding to comments, and promoting, blogging is a second job. I'm afraid to tally up the hours I spend working on my blog. If only I were paid...

You'll attend a high school reunion
Didn't go to your high school reunion? Don't worry. At some point there will be some type off blog/Twitter drama and you'll feel as though you're back in time gossiping in the bathroom between classes. And if you're not sure how you deal with Twitterama, Whitney's got you covered. 

You'll do everything Mom said not to
Air your dirty laundry on the interwebz? Yup.  Meet strangers from the internet in person? Oh yes. Drink with these strangers thereby lowering your inhibitions to... have even more fun? Absolutely! And it's highly encouraged.

You'll meet some really awesome people
I had no idea that bloggers actually became friends and talked outside of blogging, or met in real life. The blogging community is HUGE and it still continues to amaze me how we're all in this. I've met some awesome bloggers, have been inspired by many others and still hope to meet more!

This post has been scheduled for awhile but this last point hit home more than ever after I had my second blate yesterday. We were meeting up to have one last hoorah before Setarra heads off to DC for new adventures with her boo. I was so exited to finally meet Kelly, and I was introduced to Hannah whom I absolutely adored after just 5 minutes. 

Blogging is all about connections, peeps. So get out there and connect!
What's something you've learned because of blogging?


  1. I'm so glad you had that whim! What have I learned? Blogging doesn't feel like work at all. When you're doing what you love, you never work a day in your life. But maybe I should start looking for a real job, because it doesn't pay the bills either. :)

  2. Ahhh so much money right? It gets to be a little ridiculous at times when I think about how much I've invested in the blog lol. That money could equate to more drinks in my life!

    So glad for yesterday's brunch :)

  3. Another thing I would add to this list is how much Google apparently does not give a flying fuck about Blogger and sometimes takes a year to fix common glitches. And we won't even go into the whole trauma of having Google Reader taken away, because that wound is still too fresh to pour salt in. SERIOUSLY, GOOGLE, GET YOUR CRAP TOGETHER.

    The best thing about blogging is the community, hands down. I love my blog-friends!