Thursday, July 25, 2013

Boozy Brunch #2

In continuing with Monday's theme, let's talk about that boozy brunch shall we? First off, I met Setarra on my first blate back in April and right away I thought she was awesome. I've been following her ever since and now this weekend she's headed back down to DC with her boo to take on the Capital and all if offers. I'm super excited for her but selfishly saddened that there won't be anymore blates with her any time soon.

So we got together for a farewell brunch. We hit up Diablo Royale which is a great Mexican themed restaurant that offers a boozy brunch steal.

$26 for an hour and 15 of unlimited mimosas or sangria with your choice on entree. We were given these delicious little chips sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar as a sort of appetizer and they were just soo good.

I kept it simple and went with the french toast and a side of cheesy grits. You know, just in case the sangria felt the need to creep up I figured this would be a safe bet.

Crappy iPhone picture of my eats

Safe and oh so good. French toast is my fave!

Brunch itself was such a good time. You'd never know that most of us were meeting for the first time. We talked, laughed and it was just like old friends out to breakfast. 

Setarra and Hannah

Myself and Kelly

I actually didn't realize until the day before that it was this Kelly that would be joining us. I read her blog daily and just adore her. I was super excited to meet her and when I arrived she gave me a huge hug. 

And Hannah, well this southern belle is just the cutest blogger I ever did meet. The accent isn't there right away but on a few words I'd hear the twang. Not to mention she threw around y'all every now and then. And we know how much I love y'all! She's smart, funny and just adorable. Turns out we work a block away from one another so we have plans to lunch together one of these days. Can't wait!

Following brunch we took a trip over to Nordstrom Rack in Union square. Kelly left us here but we weren't ready to call it a day. Setarra, Hannah and I took a trip over to max Brenner to, well, basically we wanted to smell that nice chocolate scented air!

These, are so good. Melt in your mouth good. They come in several flavors and are $1.63 each, or you can get a box of 4 for $5.70. I didn't want them melting all over after paying for them so I only bought 2 pieces. I was lucky and they stayed melt free until I got home. Where they were promptly devoured. 

After the chocolate sensations we took a rest in Union Square park and just chatted and people watched. It was truly the perfect end to a great day. Big thanks to Kelly for taking all of the pictures. Unfortunately, my good camera is still at my parents so I had to rely on my phone. 

That's blate #2 under my belt and I can't wait for the third. Will I be meeting you??


  1. I wish more bloggers (that we knew) lived around here so we could do the guy version of this. Or... well, even just this. You won't hear either of us turning down french toast, cheesy grits, and chocolate.

  2. Unlimited drinks for an hour... Why can't this place be in Atlanta lol

  3. Aww, cool! I've been on a few blates and they're so much fun. You look like Jordan Sparks in the close up pic, beautiful!

  4. Haha, I didn't know you didn't know it would be me but I agree, we had a blast!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  5. Love those bright shorts! You glow in white - so beautiful! PS - I have selective participation, too! :)