Monday, July 8, 2013

Lay-Z-Boy...and Girl

It seems like forever and a day that I've been meaning to take K to the movies. Should be an easy task right? Not exactly. I wanted to take him somewhere specific... Dine-In theaters

Welcome to the world of the awesomely lazy. I came here with MBFF two summers and I can't even tell you what movie we saw. I was too busy loving my recliner and call button. 

 There are two options, Cinema Suites, which requires patrons to be 21+, or Fork & Screen, which is 18+ or by adult accompaniment. There's also a bar/lounge to sit in for before/after drinks.

This is what the cinema suites theater looks like.
Here you get your very own over sized, super comfy leather recliner made complete with swinging tray table. In between the recliners there's a mini console with menus and a call button. The button notifies your server, she comes and takes your order and shortly into the movie food is delivered. Before the movie ends your check is brought to you. 

We did the Fork & Screen option and although it was also good, I definitely prefer the cinema suites. With this, there are four people to a table and the chairs are similar to regular theater seats, except they're cushy, leather, and they lean back farther.  

I love this concept. Getting dinner and a show is now easier than ever. The one thing worth mentioning is that seats are assigned so don't think you and a friend can purchase separate tickets and then sit next to one another. It's super comfortable. To the point where you could easily fall asleep. Since it's not the cheapest date I wouldn't go here frequently, plus it's 30 minutes from my house, but it's a nice change of scenery from your regular theater. 

Do you have one of these dine-in theaters by you? Have you been? 


  1. WHATTTTTTT!!!!! how come we dont have movie theaters like this by me! We go to the moview prob every week and we always end up sitting in old junkie seats! i hate you...but just a little!!

    Im doing good! hope you are too!!

  2. I have been to a dine-in theater before and it was pretty awesome. Assigned seats sound crazy though! We showed up, got some beers and then had pizza brought to our seats :) The recliners look pretty comfy!


  3. So not only do we have all these cool old local theaters that serve beer with movies (BEST IDEA EVER), we also have a few 'cinema pubs!' The food isn't the GREATEST, but for fries and a pitcher of beer, it can't be beat. The movies are all second-run, too, so it's pretty cheap. Ours is kinda far away too, so you're right, it's not an all-the-time thing. Still an awesome option to have, though!