Friday, July 19, 2013

Man O Man

I'm a red blooded woman, which means I have needs. You know, having 426 pairs of shoes, owing all the clothes on Pinterest board, and drooling over a hot guy. 

But here's the thing. I have a like of some pretty standard hot guys, like this fine specimen of a man

Oh Thor....
Sometimes I like the uhh, less than hot guy. The guilty pleasure hotties.

I don't know what it is about Bret Michaels but I've always had a guilty crush on this guy. The cowboy hats, the bandannas, the eyes - I just can't help but swoon.

This man.  Pierce Brosnon is my dream May-December relationship.  I first started crushing on him in Mrs. Doubtfire... and then in Dante's Peak, and then oh sweet 007. Plus, he has an accent. Swwooooon!


Hello Magnum! I remember watching Magnum P.I. as a kid and I just loved it. And that hasn't changed. Tom Selleck has aged very well in my opinion. And that mustache? He's the only one who could pull it off. 

This next man, while I don't "have the hots" for him, I do think he's aged well.

Dick Van Dyke is just... amazing to me. Mary Poppins, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Chitty Chitty, Bang Bang, Diagnosis Murder...I just love 'em! He's just a great actor and comedian. And he tweets! I'll happily adopt him as my grandfather!

I think it's the whole Dexter persona, but I absolutely adore Michael C. Hall.
I think the directors did an amazing job when they cast him in this role. Even when he starred in Gamer he was good and I hear the same is true for Six Feet Under. Just like James Gandolfini will always be Tony Soprano, Michael C. Hall will always be Dexter.

Let's not forget it's Friday!
Time for a little
I played this a few weekends ago, and sang along of course. K was not happy.

Happy Friday!


  1. Excellent pics for a Friday!!! So sad about Pierce just losing his daughter to ovarian cancer, the same cancer that his first wife died from. I was crying when I read the story. He is so heart broken.

  2. Good picks for the most part, but Dick Van Dyke? lol I guess to each her own! I'm a sucker for boys that sing, like Luke Bryan, who single handedly made me a country music fan. He's coming to see me on Sunday, Oh and I guess he's doing a show too but you know, it's really to see me I'm sure of it!

  3. Pierce Bronson is super duper handsome.... I would add Sean Connery to that list as well. :)

  4. when i was in grade 1, i used to write about Magnum PI in my journal every day and Mrs. Staton (my Gr 1 teacher) pulled me aside and asked me why i write about that show and not about my family. my answer: because i'm going to marry magnum PI when i get older! LOL!!