Monday, July 1, 2013

Monster Mash

This past weekend has been awesome! My stay-cation was a great success and there will be a ton of updates in the coming days... or whenever I get to them.

Thursday night K and I went out to dinner at a fail-proof staple - Outback. I broke tradition and had the crab stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer and they didn't disappoint. Sorry not sorry there's no photo, I was too busy inhaling. 

After dinner we finally went to play mini golf. I've only been bugging him to go for almost two years now. 

Of course we didn't just end up at any mini golf place. We ended up here: 

Monster Mini Golf

The entire 18 hole course is played under black lights. 

From the gravestones and monsters that are littered along the course to the troll that sits in the back corner, everything is monster themed. 

The walls are all decorated in very artistic murals. I was really impressed with the level of detail that they had. 

You can rock out with Bone Jovi on his Dead or Alive tour

Get into a little courtroom action

A jury of your peers will decide your fate of course
(Bride of Frankenstein; Joe Pesci; Cyclops; Tony Soprano; Roy Shreider; Jack Nicholson)

Judge Eve L will hear your case. 

Assuming you're found innocent you can even get a little shopping done.

I didn't do it on purpose but I was definitely dressed for a little black light action. 

I'm practically invisible. 

I ended up scoring a 69 and K ended up with 59. The par for the course is 37. Clearly I won. 
In case you missed it I'm participating in several giveaways going on right now.


  1. So glad the staycation went awesomely and holy hell that is the coolest looking golf course I have ever seen.

  2. I haven't been mini golfing in foreverrrr and I just recently told my boyfriend we need to go! This place looks awesome!

  3. How fun is that!! I love mini golf!

  4. This sounds like so fun!! i prob would of been able to even get the ball in a whole since it was dark!! so you go girl!!

  5. How fun! And YES Outback is definitely a staple in our lives.

  6. I have been there love that place. It is so dorky but fun.

  7. I tried to type a comment for this post eighty bajillion times on my Kindle, gave up, and saved the post for later...and I just now found it again! So let's try again now that I'm at an honest-to-goodness keyboard:

    Mini-golf is my idea of a perfect date. Seriously. I'm a terrible bowler. I'm kind of laughably bad at pool. But mini-golf? Aw, man. I MISS MINI-GOLF LIKE CRAZY. I'm gonna have to see if we have anything like this up here in New England...though we won't have as many fun puns.