Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Fair Lady

During the last day of our staycation K and I went to dinner and then went to the fair.
There is nothing quite like going to a fair in the summer.
It brings back great childhood feelings.

Fair food is one of a kind.
Sure you can try to make your own fried Oreos, grill your own food, or buy cotton candy at the store, but it's not the same.

Fair food just tastes... better

One of my faves 
And then there are the rides. Oh, the rides.

Flying through the air, feeling the wind whip through your hair.

Favorite. Ride. Everrrr!
 Feeling the rush of speed as your being pressed into the side of the ride.

Another fave
 Hanging upside down, completely carefree.

Of course no fair is complete without the games.

From the time we walked into the fair I noticed that most of the games had minions for prizes.
My inner brat just had to have one.
Like, pouting, throwing a fit and stomping my feet demanding that K win me one.
I was joking while doing it. But no, seriously.
He tried at basketball first...

 ...and failed.

Then we both tried a water game and some bratty tween beat everyone.
I said we should have jumped her and he laughed. Why he thinks I was kidding is beyond me. 
I wanted a minion, dammit!
Finally he tried some beanbag/balloon game...


Giddy is an understatement. I was ready to start skipping to my loo. They're just so damn cute. 

Then it was time geek out. As if that's hard for me.

Dear face, what are you doing?!

I excel at being a dork. It's just hard wired or something.

This picture. It continues to crack me up. His side eyes, the "extremely dangerous". I just can't. 

As we were leaving I noticed the NBA/Sprint section. Immediately I thought of Sarah.

Someone eats their Wheaties  

I have big hands for a chick, but these hands... Well, you know what they say about big hands....

He probably has big feet.

Size 18 Kevin? Seriously? What in all the hell.

At first I wasn't too pleased seeing these tigers at the fair. And then I wanted a picture and noticed the signs on the side.  These cats were from the Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary in Sarasota, FL. It's a non-profit home for big cats (tigers, lions, ligers), bears, and other animals. They are running a dollar (as in $1) drive to help fund the facility and its costs. You can donate HERE

One of the trainers/handlers feeding the cats

No fair trip is complete without a walk through the candy tent.

Granted I ignore most of it, but they have candy cigarettes, nerds, cow-tails, and those green apple lollipops with caramel.

I love a good pack of candy smokes. Yes, I said smokes. Judge away. K made fun of me for it.

And then there was this... really 'Merica? A butter flavored lollipop? I just can't.

And the only way to end a day at the fair... a trip to Zoltar.

I grew up watching the movie Big. It was a favorite and I dreamed, hoped and begged all my stuffed animals to make it happen.

It never did, but the kid in me refuses to give it up.

When was the last time you went to a fair? 


  1. Don't you just love the smell of the fair? The fried food, the sweet desserts, the BO. Hahaha! You look so cute with your minion.

  2. Butter lollipops? BRB as I throw up. haha but I love fairs! Last year I had a deep-fried Pop Tart at one.

  3. How fun! I love your minion!! But really...butter on a stick? haha!

  4. You went to the fair? I'm envious. Even though I don't really go on the rides I do actually enjoy a good amusement park. I've reached that level of boringness where I get joy out of watching other people have fun.


    And I love that K won you a Minion! Chivalry and romance in the 21st century, baby.