Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Passionfruit Updates

This special post is brought on by a little PSA action. I just received this in my inbox and thought it was worth sharing.

Introducing Passionfruit 2.0
After months of planning and too many 16 hour days to count, I’m pleased to release a major update to Passionfruit!

New Spot Types
We’ve expanded the types of ads you can sell beyond just banners:
  • Sponsored Posts: guest posts, product reviews, giveaways, any post
  • Social Media Mentions: Facebook posts, Sponsored Tweets,  Instagram Photos
  • Services: banner design, blog design, writing, consulting, mentoring
  • Sponsorships: whole site sponsorships, events, meetups
The Ad Shop is all new
Your embedded Ad Shop is now a Shopping Cart! Once you've filled your account up with post and mention opportunities, sponsors can check out with multiple items at the same time. So you can sell a banner and featured post and design service all at the same time.
Tons more stuff
The Ad detail page is tons hotter, with sponsor and blogger contact information front and center. Click tracking and more statistics are coming shortly as well.
Spots can now be set to $0, which means you no longer need a promo code for swapping. We’ve also added a “Swap” flag on the spot details so we can add swaps to the Marketplace here in the next week or so.
Tons more tiny details that may take you a few times to notice. This release is packed with some of our most requested features.
New Unlimited Pricing
With all the new types of ads you can sell, our previous model of $1 per ad no longer makes much sense. After much deliberation, we have a new plan:

$9 per month for unlimited access
Some important notes:
  1. Tracking ads you buy through Passionfruit will always be free, covered by the cost of your ad. The fee is for bloggers who want to sell ads.
  2. $9 per month covers everything you can do with Passionfruit. Create unlimited sites, spots, ads, campaigns, whatever you want to do. Unlimited, no restrictions.
  3. Swaps are no longer free. We serve over 12 million ads a day!  A huge number of those are free swap ads, and that ish gets expensive! So to swap ads, you will need a paid account.
  4. I hope that the ease and convenience of managing ads through Passionfruit is worth a few dollars a month, even if all you use it for is free ads.
  5. If Passionfruit saves you 5 hours a month in ad management bliss, that’s $1.80 an hour you’re paying for those hours back. That’s silly!

August is free
Starting now and until September 1steveryone can still use Passionfruit for free. No fees at all, not even the $1 per ad. Use all the new features, poke around, and see what you think. No fees!
I’m calling this trial period Dating. Everyone who signs up for PF gets a free month to date us and decide if they want to take our relationship to the next level. If not, we go back to being friends and your PF account stays intact, just your ads and ad shop will be deactivated.
If you decide to put a ring on it, you can subscribe to an automatic plan and become… not a Member, but a Lover. And we’ll keep you at that rate forever. And we may kiss you.

Special intro offer
For all my lovely members, many of which have been with us from day 1, I know this is a new thing and hard to get used to. So until September 1stI’m offering a one year subscription for $50. That gives you everything Passionfruit as to offer for about $4 a month and keeps you at that rate forever if you stay subscribed.
Just log into Passionfruit and click on the "Dating" tab at the top to view your upgrade options.

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  1. Meh. I don't think I'm going to use them. I don't like that you will have to have a paid account just to use swaps. Maybe one day if I seriously start using ads, but I just don't have the time or patience to keep up with a bunch of sponsors these days.