Monday, July 29, 2013


This weekend I spent time with one of my favorite people - myself. A moment of inspiration hit and I put pen to paper.
I'm siting at the Chelsea Piers, behind the carousel at 22nd Street, nothing but the view of the water in front of me. The first thought that comes to mind is peace. Soon followed by calm, clarity and simplistic.

Snippets of a French conversation find my ears. Along with the questions of a curious child carried on a gentle breeze. The sun warms my skin and makes me feel whole, the way only it can. Instantly I find a smile on my face.

Off in the distance Lady Liberty guards the mouth of the Hudson. She's tiny from here but I know she's larger than life.
There's something to be said for spending time alone. Although it's not always ideal, I think it's the best way to stay true to your self. A way to regain your focus.

Being alone has this stigma of being lonely. I can assure you the two are not the same.
As a Sagg I'm adamant about having alone time. It can be lonely, but it's more strengthening than anything. I know that I will never be afraid to actually be alone.
I become lost in my thoughts. Dreaming, fantasizing and planning.

I am caught up in the views in front of me. The way the sun reflects off the water, the New Jersey skyline, sailboats floating lazily in the breeze.
 It all amounts to nothing more than a perfect day.


  1. That sounds perfect, and I love that area!

  2. Don't you love that kind of alone time? So awesome!

  3. I love spending time alone. I love mornings the most, when it's just me. And I like traveling alone, too—let's face it, when you're a party of one, you never have to suffer through what anyone else wants to do.

  4. I love Chelsea Piers! If you see a boat named Lady Windridge, that's my family's boat! I think it's still there for a bit longer ;)