Friday, July 26, 2013

Well This Sucks

We've made it through another week and I am spent. But why? I have done nothing all week. Last night was the most productive I've been all week. I went to the store and bought milk, catfood and cheap pizza. You may have seen it on the Twitterverse, but if this isn't just the saddest picture ever.

Seriously though. Let's all just collectively sigh at its patheticness. And move right along....

Because I'm feeling rather slothlike today I have no post for you. I mean, I guess this counts. I am posting it. Although why is beyond me. I promise there's stuff in the hopper. Real stuff. Maybe a cat post, but mostly real stuff.

The weekend shall consist of more 7 deadly sins. Gluttony is looking good right about now. I bought Pringles yesterday. We all know they won't last 24 hours. It's an unwritten rule somewhere. Probably on a post-it.

Speaking of post-its, did you all catch the awesome linkup from Sarah and Helene this week? I'm in the process of reading every single post that was linked. There's some solid tips in a lot of them. Already I've found several posts that inspired an idea that will lead to a future post. One of the main things I've learned that will almost insure a future post:

Don't act like it's not true

You know what else I've realized, I miss Sex and the City. I mean, was it entirely realistic? Not hardly. But I'll be damned if it wasn't a fun show with some real issues. It was a show for real women, no matter where they fell in the web of life. Whether you were a CEO, barista, college student, or soemone with dreams of that being your life, the show was smart and funny. You were either Team Big or Team Aiden. You related to one of the characters, or all of them. That was the joy of it.

And before this rambling post gets any longer, it's time to #backthatazzup

This jam. I spent so many summer days listening to this song, and the rest of the album when it came out. I mean dropped. It was just so good at the time. I still don't hate it.

Happy Friday Bitches!


  1. SATC was great. It's a once in a lifetime show and people who didn't watch it are missing out!

  2. Um.... I love Celeste pizza.. especially the Zesty one. lol

  3. Oh man, I still make duck faces with pringles to this day haha. I like to get the chedder cheese flavored ones and dip them in ranch dressing ... Sometimes gluttony is worth it!

  4. I WISH I could be slothlike. I'm so tired that I haven't gone to the gym in almost a week. Bleh. I wanted to participate in that link up, but totally spaced on it!

  5. I wish I was a sloth. They are cute when they are lounging all lazy-like and I look like I've been living on the street because my hair is starting to dread and I have food stains all over my clothes.

  6. I'm all for Sex in the City unless you're sitting in an air-conditioned garage-like "crab deck" eating Maryland blue crabs with the love of your life...and another lady sitting by herself watching Sex in the City with a pile of about 36 crabs. She will occasionally comment to you about what's going on in the show. There will be awkward sex scenes. You will want to take your crabs and run. You will want to beg her to put Alton Brown back on. But in the end, you will finish your dozen crabs and you will head the hell out of there. And she will still be there. With her stack of crabs. Alone. In a windowless room with Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte. And honestly, now I think about it, that's really not such a bad way to spend a Saturday.