Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What They Don't Tell You About Cats

All my life I've had pets whether they were dogs, cats or fish. The earliest pet I remember having was a dog named Trouble. Talk about foreshadowing. After him it was just a menagerie of animals.

My Aunt's dog Louie and I


There was also my mom's cat "Stupid Kitty". Gypsy, our black lab. The cats, Tux and Trio. There was also Shadow, another black lab. Along with my canine BFF Sampson and his mate Piper.

When I moved out from day one it was, "I want a kitty!". One summer day my then man-friend surprised me and brought home a kitten. She was so tiny she fit in his hat. She was the runt of her litter but she was loved to pieces right away. We named her Sadie, but eventually, she came to be known as Bug. But there's a dark side to pets. There are things they don't tell you, things you don't find out until you're 21 and you're living with 6 cats. This may or may not be a true story. Today, I'm giving you a heads up. You know, in case you want to walk that path. Don't say you were never warned.

Cats will make messes that can give any 3 year old a run for their toys
Here's the thing - if you have plants, they will be eaten. At the least, knocked over sending dirt to the far corners of your apartment. If there's a plastic bag somewhere, they will eat it. The remnants of said bag will inevitably be thrown up on the floor... or the rug. Always the rug. Something about plastic isn't digestible I guess. Also note that at some point, your reflexes will fail you and you will step in this plastic concoction. It's also possible to have your feet exfoliated with cat litter. This will almost always happen as you're stepping out of the shower.

Supplies are expensive
Between the litter and dry and wet cat food I probably spend about $60 a month on just the cats. Do you have any idea how many beers that is?! Ok, realistically it's one nights bar tab, but that's not the point. And pray to hay-zeus you never have to take fluffy to the vet, otherwise be prepared to pop out your two first born right then and there.

They don't need friends
So there's this thing called solitude. Apparently that's how these cats roll. 18 year old me wasn't aware of that. After having Bug for about a month I kept proclaiming that she needed a friend. I was either at school or work and felt bad she was home all alone. Let's just get one thing clear right here: Cats. Don't. Need. Friends.

And since it's hump day, here's a little cheer to get you through the rest of the week. Myself and these 9 ladies got together to give away some fun prizes. 
You know what to do!

Top: Catching Cody K {host} // Chelsea @ Olive & Ivy 
Middle1: Joanna @ ModaMama // Lets Go Lesco Photos // Laurie @ WorldTravelingMilitaryFamily

Middle2: Angie @ MySoCalledChaos // Ashley @ BeautyFlawed // Brooklyn @ This Little Blonde

Bottom: Michael @ CrazyTragicAlmostMagic // Sincerely, Sara
Winner will receive:
 - $20 dollar Old Navy gift card
 - Book: "All I Need" bSusane Colasanti
- 200x200 ad space on Catching Cody K
- $20 to Olive&Ivy Design Shop
- $10 Bath Body Works
- 2 months ad space on CTAM
- 2 months ad space on LGLPhoto
- Social Shout out from LGLPhoto
- 'Social Media Lovin' as space on Little Blonde
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- Original watercolor dream catcher art


  1. Love it! I had never lived with a cat (my family always had dogs) until I got married, and I am finally slowly becoming a cat person. It was def an adjustment though!

  2. Hahaha my kitty sure didn't need a friend, but the new kitty did! Sometimes they kind of like each other but most of the time kitty #2 just chases kitty #1 begging for love!

  3. I love cats and this is so spot-on! I'm trying to convince my bf to get us a kitten now that I don't live at home with my cat anymore!

  4. I lived with cats once. They peed on nearly everything we owned. As a result, I will never have a cat. The end.

  5. Im not too sure about cats- we had a few when I was little but now we have a puppy! She's almost 3 and hasn't grown up at all. She digs, chews things up and sleeps. In fact today she chewed the top off of my shoes so only the soles left! I think you have to remember they are just animals and don;t understand- thats what I told myself anyway!