Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wine Country

Last month K and I took a little stay-cation. It was quite an eventful weekend.

On Friday we spent the day in Warwick, NY. It was a gorgeous day so it wasn't hard to walk lazily across the wooden bridge leading to the entrance. 

We took a trip up to the Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery.

They offer daily tastings, 6 for $5 per person, which I thought was a steal of a deal. Especially since you're allowed to keep the glass!

I sampled three of the wines and three of the ciders they offer. They have a large selection and all grapes and fruits are grown on the property. 

I tried the Chardonnay and was told it was the "driest of their wines". She wasn't kidding. I didn't love or hate it. She said it would be good paired with creamy pasta dishes. Of course I had to try the Riesling. This was absolutely delicious! "Bright aromas of pear, citrus and a hint of peach". I was going to buy a bottle but since the liquor store in my town sells it, I figured I'd get it from there.
Next up was Black Dirt Red which, for a red, I absolutely loved. It was just my type since it was fruity. "Fantastic red cherry notes with a jam-like finish". This is one of their best sellers and since I loved it I bought a bottle.

K and I both tries the Framboise (Raspberry) Cider and I personally loved it. At $5.99 this came home with me too. It was fresh, crisp and fruity and so, so delicious. I'm hoping my local store carries this, if not Warwick Winery ships!

We also tried the Doc's Dry Hopped Cider and the Bourbon Barrel Aged Apple Liqueur.
For me, the cider was good and was very similar to drinking a beer. It was good and tasted like a combination of Sam Adams Summer Ale and Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy. The Liqueur was not for me at all. I took a whiff, and although it smelled like the "wonderful buttery caramel sweetness" as described, the taste was too strong. I felt like I was taking shots. The liqueur was a blend of NY apples and Apple Brandy aged in Bourbon barrels.


Overall, we both had a great time. It was nice to just walk around taking in the fresh air and drinking a glass of the Framboise cider as we walked through the orchard.

Pear tree... I looked for the partridge.
Couldn't find it.

We didn't go too far but the orchard was full of apple and pear trees. 
The property also offered pick-your-own for apples and pears.

Have you ever been to a winery? Where? What's your favorite brand?


  1. YOu look so cute miss thang!! I love the neon and white shorts!! 5 dollars person for six tastings im down!! i love winery's it is such a fun experience!! I am going to one next week and i cant wait!
    Hope you have a happy fourth
    Ps i have a fun giveaway today!! check it out!(;

  2. OMG CIDERRRR so delicious! Looks like an AMAZING time!

  3. I need to go up there soon. I won a night's stay at a B&B in Warwick and haven't used it yet. I'm thinking the picking and wine...ahhhh perfection!

  4. Oh goodness, you know I LOVE wine tasting. I do it like it's my job. That Red sounds amazing, I love a good fruit based Red. My favorite winery around these parts is Bogle and I cannot get enough of their Moscato and Essential Red. Sounds like it was such a fun trip!

  5. This place looks awesome! I might have to find my way up there! Also I love that shirt on you!

  6. This place seems great! I love the pics. What kind of Shirley Temples did they offer? (kidding...sort of)

  7. Not a massive fan of wine but I am partial to cider and liquer. It's not often I drink, and actually I rarely drink at all now, but I tend to go towards ciders.

  8. I love the fact that they had other things besides wine. I love sampling new things bc sometimes its hard to commit and buy the whole thing...i would have definitely tried the Sangria!

  9. This has seriously been the summer of ciders for me. Can't get enough. Went through a case of Angry Orchard in, like, a week.

    On second thought, I probably should not be admitting that on the internet.