August 07, 2013

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Back in the 5th grade I was awesome. At least that's the way I saw things.

I was grown up now. I mean c'mon, I was in the fifth grade. We ruled the school. No more kid things for me! These thoughts directly applied to school pictures. I had to look more like the adult 5th grader I knew I was rather than the childish 4th grader I was last year. Crayons were a thing of the past. I had moved on to mature things like colored pencils. Although I may or may not have returned to my room to retrieve the collector's edition tin of crayons I accidentally left over the summer.

Anywho... what was I saying? Oh yes. School pictures were coming up and I needed to look grown. Earlier that year I wore an awesome cornflower blue silk dress with pearl buttons to church for Easter. I absolutely loved it. It was the dressiest thing I owned. Perfect for school pictures! The only thing left to do was to figure out my hair. My childhood hair was a crazy thing.
Remember these? Don't act like you don't.

I was so awesome that I had a collection of these in my hair. While most of you wore one or two if you were rocking pigtails, I usually had about 6 or 7 taming my crazy curls.

With my new 5th grade stardom, these ponytail holders would be unacceptable for the school picture. I mean, this was the yearbook photo after all. The one everyone would see. The one memorialized for all time. In hindsight, this was the least of my worries.

On top of the hair concerns I realized that my eyebrows were a little... full. Continuing with my new adult status, these needed to be tamed. So of course I took matters, and a Bic razor, into my own hands. Bad idea Michael. Bad, bad idea.

Behold, the glorious grown up 4th grade photo. Forever memorializing my ridiculousness.

Should we even discus this? Seriously. What the eff was I thinking?! 

I'm missing half an eyebrow.


If I remember correctly we tried to pencil it in with eyeliner or something but it just didn't work out too well. Pencils are good for filling in brows, not creating them. The best part is, I still get teased by my family about this every now and then.

Moral of the story?

Hang on to childhood, and hair, for as long as possible because shaving your eyebrows is never a good idea.


  1. Classic, pure classic!!!! I'm sure the hair professionals at Vidal Sassoon would love to know your inside secrets.

  2. Haha that amazing ! I had crazy blonde ringlets and loved those cheesy barrettes with shapes on them.

  3. Wow, I'm sorry you have evidence of the brows! But hopefully you learned a valuable lesson?! I once got hold of a pair of scissors when my mom was in the shower and cut my own bangs... Mom loved that one (not)!

  4. Girl you are a brave soul for pulling out this photo! My school year photos are horrible, super gap teeth and bushy eyebrows too. But you could say you were ahead of your time because I swear in high school, shaved eyebrows were in style for like one year lol

  5. haha I never really knew how to use those hair ties!

  6. And are those shoulder pads? I had shirts with those, too.

  7. I did something similar when I was in 6th grade!!! I decided that my eyebrows were too bushy (they weren't at all...I have no idea what I was thinking!!) and I plucked off like half of each of them. My mom was so mad at me for not asking her to help!

  8. LOL! Half an eyebrow, that's awesome. Oh well, it made for a great story even if it was humiliating at the time. You were and are adorable!

  9. To be honest, that's still one hell of a school photo. Look at that smile! That dress! That oh-so-90's school photo background! Then I noticed the eyebrow. And oh, lord, did I love the story behind that eyebrow. But darlin', at least it makes a good story. I've got about 10 years of braces, acne, and bad haircut that won't do me any good besides selling Proactiv a lifetime supply of "before" pictures.