Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Palate is Like My Underwear

When I was a kid I had very particular palate. Ok, fine. I was a picky eater. Certain food weren't going to pass these lips no matter how you dressed them up or tried to bribe me. No sir-ee, it wasn't happening. 

You're probably thinking that all kids are picky eaters, right? Not like me.

Here's a look at what I did eat:

And I kid you not, that's it. Obviously ice cream and things like that are also on the list. Ketchup makes the list because I was insane about ketchup. I put it on everything. Sometimes I still do.

I remember this one traumatic event when I was 12. My step-dad had made sloppy joes for lunch. Knowing full well I don't eat those. Apparently this was his attempt to break my child foodie ways. I refused to eat it of course and was told I couldn't leave the table until it was gone. Little did he know, I'm stubborn as hell when I want to be. I'm pretty sure I sat at that table for about 2.5 hours pushing it around and making faces at it. But then an idea hit me. I asked if I could get more bread and ketchup. I went through at least half a loaf of bread and a cup of ketchup trying to choke down that disgusting thing.

As I got older, my tastes changed. At 18 I had my first go around with lo mein. Look ma, I'm growing up! By 19 I had also tried lobstahh.

At 20 I moved to Dirty Jersey and was forced to try a lot. My Italian boyfriend's family cooked and ate all this "stuff". I couldn't be rude and refuse to eat. That's where my love affair with balsamic vinegar started. And roasted peppers, And fresh mozzarella (He used to make fun of me for putting salt on it. Now, I would never). When I met my first cannoli I ran away and never looked back. I remember my parentals being in Wildwood one summer and I met them for vacation. We went out to dinner and I ordered the fried calamari as an app. I got the strangest looks followed by Since when do you eat that? Umm, since always. Since always being the past year and a half.

At 22 I tried my first bite of steak.

It was Fillet Mignon and it was an explosion of flavor. Seriously, I tried to take my friend's dinner after just one bite. 

At the ripe age of 28 I now eat just about everything. The above list has expanded quite a bit to include beans, mushrooms, calamari, crab, diced tomatoes on bruschetta or in pasta {I can still be picky}, clam chowder, feta, stuffed grape leaves, all the burgers I can get my hands on, and of course, steak.

Some foods are banned from meeting my stomach. I just can't tolerate the thought of them.
Needless to say, my palate is always changing and I'm always trying to try something new. Now, as if by some cruel karmic joke, I'm dating a guy who eats like a 5 year old. The man doesn't eat lo mein What?! Or mushrooms... or beans... or veggies of any kind. It breaks my amateur cooks heart. On the flip side? More for me!

  Are there certain foods you used to not eat? What do you still refuse to try?


  1. i used to eat whatever my mom made or i didn't eat. she already had the "ain't nobody got time fo' dat" attitude when it came to cooking multiple meals so she cooked a meal for the family and that's what we ate.

    i pretty much eat anything now (that is healthy). my daughter is the same way (thank god) because like my mom, i won't entertain cooking a different meal for her!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I'm just like Kathy. I make one meal for the entire family 'cause my house ain't a restaurant. You can't order what you want. My kids have always eaten what I serve up on the dinnah table, and thankfully, they even love my meatloaf. Of course they also really dig sushi. Go figure!!!

  3. Haha I totally still eat like a 5 year old. I'm like the picky you, I've just never grown out of it. Never tried steak. Or seafood. Any of it.

  4. The fact that sushi is on your list makes me sad. Have you tried it? Since I eat everything (except bananas, peas, and sweet potatoes) It makes me sad to see people not try delicious things!

    But I still think you are awesome ;)

  5. I was strictly Spaghettios when I was a kid. And I also put ketchup on everything just to choke it down when my mom tried making me experience life outside of canned O's.
    Now I'm game for whatever, but I still enjoy the occasional can of Speghettio goodness.

  6. Lollllll I love this post!!! I feel your pain, rob eats like a child and I know he's constantly trying new things for me, he just doesn't love all the foods I like or even want to try them. I've definitely gotten food adventurous in the last 5 years and now I love Thai and Indian and of course my obsession with sushi but rob is still on the fence about a lot of it. He definitely does try to accommodate me but I usually save the exotic foods for outings with girlfriends.

  7. I love just about everything on your no eating list. except liver and froggy legs. sick :)

  8. I used to put ketchup on EVERYTHING when I was a kid.
    But I was never a picky eater and I liked trying lots of new foods (maybe this is because I was a military kid and was always in a new place).
    The only thing I hated about food when I was a kid was when my mom would pack me dinner leftovers for lunch instead of sandwiches like the other kids. I longed for bologne and cheese, PB&J, and even Spaghetti-Os, but got these gourmet lunches instead. Kids.
    Britt @ One&20

  9. I don't eat cheese (aside from when it's on pizza) and people think I'm crazy for it!

  10. ok the absolute only thing i will not eat is olives. i just literally cannot handle them. ACK just thinking about them.

    BUT - as a kid did you totally try to convince yourself that you were going to like dramatically puke if your parents made you eat foods you convinced yourself were terrible??