Monday, August 5, 2013

Operation: Spiedie Fest

It's the word of summer. Hell, it's the word year round. Any time they're mentioned it's a guaranteed reaction of oooh yeah! But in the summer, that's when this amazing little dish is fresh off the grill with other picnic-y foods and you could just die right then because it's a perfect day.
Umm, what?
One - I assure you that they're amazing.
Two - This post is picture heavy
This past weekend was the 29th Spiedie Fest & Balloon Rally. I made K come home with me this weekend because if you're going to date me you have to go at least once... because I said so.

It's a 3-day affair in which us Broomies {word? It is now!} stuff our faces with fair food, watch hot air balloons get blown up and launched, and of course eat spiedies. There are also some celebrity appearances. LeeAnn Rimes sang Saturday night and Keegan Allen anyone from PLL was there on Sunday afternoon.
A few facts: These delicious little morsels started as a cooking contest back in 1983 and the first festival was held in 1985. So needless to say, we've been doing this a long time.

I haven't been to the Spiedie Fest in almost 10 years. Which is really just disappointing. I grew up going to this.

BC Dino (Broome County) in its Wendy's outfit

Elvis has left the festival!

This tuxedo balloon has been around forever and is still one of my favorites.

Salamidas State Fair Spiedie Sauce
Here's the thing. Either you're Team Salamidas or you're Team Lupos. Sure, you can be a fence rider but, really, you should pick a side because personally one is better than the other. (Hint: it's Lupos)

 This balloon was new to me and I lurrrved it!


It was a great weekend. Good weather, good company, and the cutest baby in all the land. And now we're back to counting down the days until I go back again!
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  1. I love festival food. And spiedie sounds absolutely delicious!!

    I think maybe a sentence got cut off in your post. "So when I stumbled across t " and then it just stops there.

  2. Clowns freak me out (I blame it on Steven King's "It"), but that looks like such a fun festival! And yeah- what Madison said- what did you stumble across?

  3. I have never heard the word "spiedie" thanks for enlightening me haha

  4. We have a spiedie recipe at work and I think of you EVERY. SINGLE. TIME I see it. I'm sure the ones at the festival were better than our homegrown version, but hey, at least it's an opportunity for us non-NY-ers to experience the glory that is spiedieness.