September 06, 2013

730 Days

730 days.
104 weeks.
24 months.

Two years ago today I created this space.

First, I can't even begin to express how thankful I am to all of you. I also can't believe I've been showing up to this space for 2 whole years. Happies and crappies. Good posts and fluff.

I'd love to do a recap of my fave posts, but really, I've enjoyed so many I just can't narrow it down.

Ok, maybe I found some favorites. 

The point is, without all of you reading, commenting and coming back for more I'd be over here typing away to myself. And although that would be okay, I love having all of you to interact with, so THANK YOU. Thank you for every single comment, reply, tweet, IG like, FB like, all of it. You're all good eggs. Cupcakes for errrybody! 


  1. Yay for cupcakes. Celebrations are nice, and it is great you've lasted a whole 2 years, but cupcakes.

  2. Congratulation and Happy Birthday! Here's to many more!

  3. oooooohhhhh cupcakes! Happy blog birthday!

  4. Yay! Happy Blogaversary! And I just died laughing reading the post about your experience in the Polar Bear Plunge! You Go Girl!!!

  5. Congrats!! Such a cute and fun blog! Thanks so much for checking mine out ... I love meeting new blog friends!!

  6. Happy bloggy birthday girrrl! Om nom nom for a cupcake!

  7. Congrats on two great years, heres to many more!

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