Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Life Goes On

Hey there! Remember me? I'm that girl who sometimes writes on this here blog. Except that lately I've been doing anything and everything but coming to this space to type out the word vomit that's floating around my brain. Instead, I've been doing life and asking myself one simple question.
The funny thing about life is that sometimes it gets in the way of other things. Plans fall apart, things don't work out, surprises happen. To say I've been preoccupied would be an understatement. The thing is, I haven't been busy with anything worth writing about. Life has just been happening. Work, bills, squabbles (Did I really just say that? How old am I?) cleaning, exercise, job hunting, etc... the day to day stuff.
I have this mile long to do list and I feel like it's never going to be complete. I mean, finding a new job when you're not finished with school is a nightmare. Seriously. It's that whole needle in a haystack thing. Or trying to save money so you're not counting the days until next payday, which is 9 days away. Or trying to get into a steady exercise routine that doesn't make me want to quit after 2 weeks. Life just takes over.
I guess what I'm saying/asking is forgive me for my absence. Blogging has clearly taken a back seat to everything, and although it's not the way I want things, it's just kind of how my cupcake has crumbled. Trying to find a helathy balance isn't the easiest thing, but it's not impossible either.
I'll be back once things fall into a steady rhythm. Until then, I'll be planning, organizing, calendaring and just trying to make all my hats fit.
I'm not even a hat person.


  1. I feel you on this. I'm been such a slacker lately. But enjoy your life and don't worry about us readers, we'll be here waiting whenever you have time! :)

  2. I've been missing you! Hope things are going ok. There's nothing wrong with taking a break.

  3. Sometimes life takes over, and that's okay! We need that break to refresh and sometimes it's nice to not SAY we're taking a break but instead just take it and then we don't feel too bad about ditching ;)