Monday, September 23, 2013

Saying Goodbye to TV Rehab

I'm no TV junkie but every fall I see the previews for new shows and I get all hopped up with static about the new programs I'm going to watch. Programs? Jesus, I sound like my grand mother. Next I'll be saying clicker and pocketbook. For the record, I've always hated those two words. I digress...

There are a few several new shows I'm interested in this season. I know me and I that means I won't keep up with half of them. Maybe that's why I have so many? Here's what my DVR will be gettign acquainted with.


Masters of Sex (Showtime, 10pm) - This show just looks interesting. I really like Lizzy Caplan. She’s got a quirky humor about her and I think Showtime is going to hit the mark with this one.

Mondays are reserved for Monday Night Football, thank you.

The Originals (CW, 8pm) - I'm usually not a fan of spin offs but this centers around the original vampires (Klaus) of the show Vampire Diaries. There was a time I was so hooked on Vampire Diaries but I just got lazy with keeping up. Hopefully this is a keeper.

Brooklyn Nine Nine (Fox, 8:30pm) - I've got two words for you, Andy Samburg. This guy cracks me up no matter what he’s doing. Playing a gay gym rat in I Love You, Man or skits on SNL (which I don’t watch, sue me) he’s hilarious. Plus, I do enjoy looking at him. I‘m so awesome I missed the season premiere last Tuesday.

New Girl (Fox, 9pm) - I'm pretty much a season behind on this show because all of season 2 is on my DVR. Unwatched. Oops. You know what that means? MARATHON! Anything involving a marathon is time well spent. Unless, of course, it involves running.

Super Fun Night (ABC, 9:30pm) - This has Rebel Wilson in it and I kind of like her. The girl is funny, in that socially awkward kind of way. I have a feeling this won't be watched for long. I could be wrong though. I jumped on 2 Broke Girls, then got bored and hopped off, and now it's super successful.

The League (FXX, 10:30pm) – This show is one of my absolute favorites. I stumbled upon it when it first started and was completely sucked in. I mean, it's a show about fantasy football. How is that not awesome? And the characters and jokes are hilarious.

Reign (CW, 9pm) -  I’m really into this time period so I’m hoping this show delivers. It’s about the rise of Mary, Queen of Scots. Apparently there are also some supernatural twists. I’m hoping this doesn't disappoint. 

Brideday Friday:
I used to watch SYTTD on Friday nights like a crazy person. The dresses, the drama - Monty! What's not to love? When you start seeing repeat episodes every single week, that's what. I needed a break from the tulle. Now Friday's are reserved for whatever Harry Potter is on movie happens to catch my attention.

What's in your fall lineup?  Leave a comment and let me know!



  1. There's not too much I can say I'm looking forward too as far as the televisiony box goes. I don't really watch much TV, and rarely ever actually watch shows that are still going. Now that they're done, or will be done soon, I might finally get around to watching Breaking Bad or Dexter.

  2. I know Monday night is football night but I really love 2 Broke Girls and I'm looking forward to Moms too.

  3. Haha oh gosh, I'm such a bum that I can't get a full fall TV schedule together!
    I am really looking forward to the return of The League this fall though! Liiiiike, I kind of want to marry Ruxin in real life... Whoops! Also, I'm pretty excited for Nashville to come back too. It's so cheesy but SO good!

    j. parker

  4. it's so embarrassing how excited i get for tv. but oh well.


  5. I'm DVR'ing Sleepy Hollow, haven't watched it yet. Would like to catch that sitcom about the family from the 80's but haven't set it up to record. I don't watch live TV...ever. Oh and of course, I will get my fill of reality TV - Duck Dynasty, The Voice and X Factor. :)

  6. I want to watch Masters of Sex but we don't have Showtime! *sob.* I'm watching Marvel's Agents of Shield this fall. Hearing good things about Brooklyn Nine Nine though!