Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Signs He May Not Be The One

A few weeks K and I were playing the game Logo. Ever played it? It's basically a pop culture game about companies, products and their logos, advertising, slogans and other useless trivia. Although, it's pretty useful because I won. Obviously.

During the game, however, K did some things and made some comments that really caused me to question our relationship. I was playing nice and let him go first. I showed him the picture on the card and asked him to name the product.

This was the picture:

When I asked him to name the product his first response nearly made me choke on my Jack. Ready for this?

Hot pockets.

He thought the "Helping Hand" was for Hot Pockets. I still can't even wrap my gray matter around this. On what planet does that make sense? I quickly dismissed his lack of common sense for the fact that he's a sheltered eater. Read: he doesn't eat anything. 

Later on, his turn again, I asked him a question about the original colors of the marshmellows (btw, this is spelled that way it SHOULD be spelled) in Lucky Charms. He of course guessed them all wrong. For the record, hearts (pink), moons (yellow), stars (orange) and clovers (green). Dumbfounded, I asked how he didn't know this. And what followed was when I started to seriously question him and our relationship. 

*What you're about to read may make you cry*

K has never eaten Lucky Charms

After I picked my eyes up off the floor and dusted them off I could not stop staring at him. Mind. Blown. I mean what soon-to-be 33 year old has never had Lucky Charms. It's not natural. It's weird. It's.... wrong.

I have had just about every box of Lucky Charms there is. From when they added the rainbows ('92), pots of gold ('94) and shooting stars ('98). The Charms and I go way back. And to think that someone has never had them. Never sang the theme song while enjoying that morning bowl of goodness. It's just sad.

So I did what anyone would have done. Should have done. I went out and bought a box. His reaction? Less than amazed. He said "they're alright". I'm sorry? No. Lucky charms are magically delicious. Nothing less.

I just can't. There are so many things that just make me go 

It's hard guys. It's hard.


  1. That is hilarious!!!! Love the expressions in this post.

  2. I would be great at the game logos but unfortunately my guy hasn't eaten alot or been out alot either. Which is okay for me, I knew what I was getting myself into. I love that he hasn't been exposed to alot.

    This has to be said but I don't like lucky charms. In fact I don't like cereal that has marshmallows in it. Just me and I know that will get a HUGE gasp out of you.

  3. But Lucky Charms is awesome. How can he not have awesome cereal?!?!?!?!

  4. What a COOL game!! I want it too; I love logos and all that stuff...

    However, I've never had LC either! In fact, the only cereals I've had are Frosted Corn Flakes (w/yogurt b/c that's how they're eaten in Colombia) and Honey Nut Cheerios. I've never liked sugary things for bfast so I bet you'd disown me if we were friends IRL, huh :)?

  5. Wow....just wow. That's pretty unbelievable that he hasn't had Lucky Charms. Hamburger Helper is understandable because some kids grew up with homemade meals and the Helping Hand doesn't exactly fit in that category...but what kid hasn't had Lucky Charms...or even seen the commercials? I'm sorry, I really am.

  6. hahaha omg you sound like me! There are so many things James doesn't get (mainly girly things or celebrity things) and it's hilarious to me

  7. This post has me rolling, as I imagine your face during all of this! Tell him he's evil if he doesn't obsess over Lucky Charms like the rest of us!

  8. i would like to go on record and say i personally think lucky charms are gross! TEAM CINNAMON TOAST CRUNCH!