Friday, September 27, 2013

What Do You Mean It's Outdated?!

Some days I just want to be a kid again. I want to walk to school, sit in my advanced reading group circle and then go drink my pouch milk at lunch. I want to walk home, have my macaronis with sauce and watch cartoons until it's time for TGIF. Oh Family Matters, how I miss you. Speaking of, did anyone else notice that Jaleel White actually turned into real life Stefan Urquelle?

Oh the golden days.... Today I have a blogger I really enjoy. I mean her blog name has crab in it! And everyone knows you can't go wrong with crab. She's here to tell you about some other things that are gone with the wind. Take it away Kelli!
Hi there! I'm Kelli and I blog over at She Crab Soup. I was complaining on Twitter the other day about how nerve wracking it was to volunteer for guest posts when Michael kindly offered up her blog for me to guest post on. Holy donut holes I'm nervous but I am going to give it a go!

Some of my favorite web articles have to do with things today's children will never remember because technology has advanced so much since we were children. That got me thinking about things I remember that today's children (and some not so young people) really won't know anything about.

Vinyl Records and Record Players -  When I was a little girl I had no idea what cassette tapes were, I'm pretty sure CD's had not been invented yet, and MP3's well I don't even think that was a word. If you've never listened to a vinyl record you're missing out.

Rotary and Pay Phones - I have used both and while you can still find pay phones from time to time I'm pretty sure the only place you're likely to see a rotary phone is at the Good Will.

Walkman's - Long before iPod's and MP3 players there was a big little something called the Walkman, you could listen to AM/FM radio or cassette tapes on the go as long as your AA batteries were good.

Life Without Computers/Internet - The first computer we owned was a hand me down from my uncle, it used floppy disks (the kind that were really floppy), came fully equipped with DOS, and had no way to connect it to the Interwebz because the Interwebz didn't exist for public use. The year was  probably 1989 or 1990, it wasn't until 1999 that I had my very own dinosaur desk top which I connected to the phone line for my super fast dial up internet connection.

TV's With Knobs and No Cable - That's right folks long before the introduction of the remote control parents use to tell their kids to go turn the knobs on the TV like they were human remotes, the only button on a TV was the on off button and it looked more like a knob than a button. Not only that, cable as we know it didn't exist. You could use a big house antenna if you had one but more often than not you were adjusting those bunny ears connected directly to your TV to ensure your channels had as little snow as possible.

If you haven't figured it out by now I'm a little old, I love technology as much as the next girl but sometimes I miss the days before it consumed every part of our lives. What do you remember that kids today or even years from now will never know anything about?


  1. It's kinda funny that even though I didn't get the internet until I was 17 I still can't remember what life was like before it. Or how I ever functioned without it. Sometimes I want to hug that cable and reassure it of how much I value it's existence. I think it knows though. The shrine probably gave it away.

  2. I LOVE SHE CRAB SOUP! The soup, that is, but I'm pretty sure the blog itself is awesome too.

    And vinyl FTW!!! Not only do they sound better, but they're dirt-cheap, too.