Friday, October 25, 2013

7 Things I Don't Need But Really Need to Own

A month or so ago I was introduced to a website (Thanks Stephanie!)
Oh universe, you’re so funny. Of course I fell down the rabbit hole and saw a wonderland of things I have no use for but absolutely need rightthissecond.
I’m a Harry potter junkie like the other 7617449 people that read the books. I want to go to Hogwort’s and I hate being a muggle. What better way than to satisfy my dreams than to have a Magic Wand Remote. Accio vino! If that doesn’t get me in the mood, this decal will help!

My desk at work has a small collection of toys. Real professional, Michael. I can’t help it though. Our office is sooo conservative and void of all things color and personality. So of course I have Gumby and Pokey, a Lego cop car, wishing well and flower shop and a little red stapler eraser. Obviously I need to add a mini shopping cart to the equation.

As K has told you, I’m not exactly a morning person. Perhaps showering under a rainbow might change how I feel about the mornings. I wonder if Lucky has one of these color changing shower heads?

I need this so inflatable ball much I can’t even tell you! It’s a bubble boy and miracle all rolled into one and I need it. I could even use it as exercise and since I’d be having fun I wouldn’t even realize it.

I have no reason for needing this other than sometimes I puzzle myself.  

I pretty much spend my weekends on my roof in the summer. I’m the only one who goes up there and it’s ideal when I can’t get my toes in the sand. Now I’ll have all the more reason to be up there ALL the time with an Inflatable Hot Tub.

If anyone needs me I'll be lounging in my hot tub!


  1. Harry Potter wand as a remote? Genius. And I could totally get on board with an inflatable hot tub! That was website is so ridiculous but I love it! Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Those bubble balls look like a blast! I want them now too.

  3. We all need a rainbow shower. That's just the best thing ever.

  4. I'm imagining all of the trouble I could get in after a few Debosas and one of those bubble balls. Oh, the possibilities are endless!!!

  5. I must have that magic wand. I don't know why, but that is the coolest thing I've seen in forever! A magic wand! That controls your tv! Must be mine.

    And while I don't HAVE to have the shower head, I would really, really like it. Really.

  6. I need that hot tub! And also, the Oreo Dunking Spoon. Because really, I don't like getting my fingers in the milk- it would be super useful!

  7. Wow what a cool site! I just found my new guilty pleasure lol

  8. Wow! this site seems amazing. I think I just found my new guilty pleasure. I so NEED a shopping cart to sit and collect dust on my desk. LOL. NOT KIDDING