Wednesday, October 2, 2013

And Then That Pumpkin Oogie Boogied It's Way Right Into My Heart

Do you guys smell that crispness in the air yet? 

Yeah, me either. Especially since it's supposed to be in the low 80s today here in New York. Fall seems to be running a bit late. 

I realize it's only October 2nd but I've been ready for fall for a looong time. Sunday night K and I went to find a pumpkin. We looked at a few, and I finally decided on one. In typical girl fashion, once we were in line I decided I liked my first choice better. Look at this beauty!

I also picked up 3 little desk sized cuties for work. I'm festive like that.

I spent all day Monday looking at faces and trying to decide what look to go with. Did I want an angry/scary pumpkin or did I want something cute and fun. Was I going to do a double faced pumpkin, or just carve one side. See what I mean? Important decisions!

When I got home Monday night I got all my tools out (read: pen, sewing needles and xacto knife) and covered the table in newspaper. I set out the colander and baking sheet were all set for the pumpkin seeds. 

Let the carving begin!

This is my absolute least favorite part. Usually I can deal with it, but this year I made K do it. It was just a bit too slimy. 

So after all the guts and gore, I ended up creating this...

I am so in love with this pumpkin. 
I'm keeping it forever and ever... as long as it's not moldy. 

It's official, I love all things fall. Candy corn, pumpkins, ABC Family's 30 Days of Halloween. Lezzbehonest, we all love when Hocus Pocus comes on. Speaking of which...
Let's just start the countdown now, shall we?

What are you excited about in October?


  1. Love everything about your list except for candy corn ... I utterly despise candy corn lol.

  2. I've seen pumpkins out but its still way to early to carve here in the South, I'd have a moldy gross pumpkin by the weekend.

  3. True Story: I have never ever carved a pumpkin. Does that make me weird? LOL

  4. That came out so well! I suck at carving, so I stick to painting or gluing on sequins haha!

  5. I have a HUGE pumpkin last year and the inside was so yucky I had to get my guy to clean it.

    I love your choose for the pumpkin. Very classic. =]

  6. Your pumpkin is the perfect shape! I can't buy one until the weekend before Halloween 'cause here in hot, humid North Cackalacky it will rot in a skinny minute.

  7. Little pumpkins for work? That is SUCH a cute idea!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  8. I LOVE pumpkin carving!!! :) I can't wait to carve mine. Yours is so cute!

  9. You did a great job craving that pumpkin. Come down to ATL in make one for me lol

  10. OMG Oogie Boogie! That is the greatest pumpkin EVER.

  11. I wanna carve a pumpkin so bad! Never done it, but it looks a little too messy for my neat-freak self.