Friday, October 11, 2013

Fall Fancies

It's Friday and there's another half a week until pay day. Today we're just going to keep it light and fun! That's what Friday's are for, no?

Every month I get my Nordstrom catalog in the mail and I flip through it's glossy pages scowling. why, you ask? Because for as much as my heart and closet love Nordstrom, my bank account does not. Here are a few of the latest things I'm after.

Stretch Bonded Leather Dress / Robert Rodriguez
I'm pretty sure this isn't considered office appropriate, but I'll tell you one thing, I'd try to wear it anyway. I adore everything about this dress. From that lace top to the "body-conscious" bottom. 

BB Polka-Dot Pointed Pump / Manolo Blahnik
I think these are adorable! I'd wear them to work all the freaking time. I'm sure my mom would try to steal them from me though. I can hear her now I want that! Sure mom, just loan me $895 and we'll work our shared custody. 

Butterfly Print Halter Dress / Herve Leger
I think the print on this dress is gorgeous! Where I'd wear this is still up in the clouds but I definitely think it should be in my closet. 

Ravesh Pump / Steven by Steve Madden
These beauties also come in black and purple. I'm fairly certain I need all three colors. I mean, think of all the outfits I'll be able to put together.

Military-Inspired Coat / Vince Camuto
In keeping with the military trend, I am loving this coat. I don't have anything in a military green and I find it to be a great neutral alternative to black. 

Faux Leather Sleeve Tweed Blazer 
This gem pairs two of falls hottest fabrics - tweed and leather. And I am in love!
I don't know what it is about tweed but it's one of my favorite fabrics. And who doesn't love a little leather action? 

Nordstrom is just one giant tease if you ask me. They send me their catalogs, yes, plural. And then expect me to not drool and swoon over all the pretty colors, fabrics and styles. It's not fair dammit!

And what better way than to express that than with a little throwback song?

And if you missed the PINKTOBER giveaway post, get yourself entered!

Happy Friday!


  1. I'm not big on wearing body con dresses (cuz the donk and thighs are huge). I usually stick with A-line cuts but that Herve Lager dress is outstanding!!! And I feel you girl. One of the items on my 5 year plan is to upgrade my shopping taste from Forever 21 to Nordstrom & BCBG ... One day...

  2. I think the second dress is very appropriate for the office. At least more appropriate than the leather dress. The first coat is pretty appropriate now that the weather is turning very cold.

  3. Dang, wish I had the bank account to accommodate everything on that list. Love the coat, perfect color. That dress is hot, hot, hot!