Wednesday, October 23, 2013

In Theory

The other day I was thinking about the things I like and dislike. I'm usually pretty good about making my choices but sometimes there are those things that fall into a gray area. I like them in theory, but when it comes time for it, I'll pass.

In theory I like....

...roller coasters. It's weird. I love the twists, turns and loops and I think it's great. What I can't handle is the ride to the top of the crest. It gives me so much anxiety that I just pass on coasters all together. Where's the Scrambler at?! Seriously though, it's not the fun kind of jitters. It's complete panic and I'm not afraid of height so I have no idea why.

...haunted houses. Again with the weirdness. I like being scared... to a degree. The haunted houses around here are pretty intense. I can tolerate any scary movie, book or show, but when there is a real live fake zombie coming at me making its noises, I'm going to freak. "Zombies man... they creep me out."

...penne vodka. I don't know what it is about this dish but for some reason I refuse to give up on it. Every time I'm at a party and it's offered, I take a small spoon full. And as usual, I don't like it. I think I want to like it. I mean it IS made with vodka. But in reality, it usually just disappoints me.

...high heels. Don't get me wrong, I loooooove a good pair of heels. I do. And most of the time I want to wear them. They give you leaner legs, make you look taller, and you're automatically more confident. The thing is, I really like being in sneakers or flip flops. I can't help it. I am such a slave to comfort. That's where wedges come in. They are the perfect middle ground. And no, I don't mean wedge sneakers...shudder. onions. See, this is just ridiculous. I hate onions. I hate the way they taste, I hate their texture and I hate the way they smell. And yet, if they come on my salad, I'll eat a few. Sometimes I'll put three slices, literally three, on my Subway sandwich. I detest onions. And yet I tolerate them. I don't think I have a love-hate relationship with anything the way I do with school. I like school in theory. It takes care of my paper/pen obsession. It fuels my desire to learn things. And most of all, it's one step closer to making more moolah. But I'll be damned if it isn't the most frustrating and annoying 2 days of my week. 2 more semesters.... eye on the prize.

...exercise. Isn't this on everyone's list? I love working out when I'm in the zone and I'm feeling dedicated, but, times like this when I haven't seen the inside of a gym in weeks because I'm too busy seeing the inside of a cow, well, those times I hate the gym and wish there some special "Drink Me/Eat Me" drink or cookie to make it all just right.

...Halloween. I actually do like the idea of Halloween. Dressing up, going to parties, making memories. That whole thing. What I can't stand is the annoyance it gives me having to find a costume, make sure it fits, and buy a store's worth of accessories to make it awesome. It's just work. Halloween isn't even here yet but I already know what I'm wearing next year.

What do you have a love-hate relationship with?


  1. Wine. I love the smell, taste and how it makes me feel. But then I sleep terribly, get a pounding headache and have a hangover from hell even if I just drink 2 glasses.

  2. I love this post! Such a good read.
    I like marshmallows in theory, and will always eat a couple if there's a packet - but I don't actually like them...

    Jess xo

  3. I can so relate to this! I feel exactly the same way about roller coasters! But I don't think I even love exercise in theory...unless it's fun exercise, like a game--that I'm okay with.

  4. Cooking- I like food, and sometimes I like the act of cooking, but not always, especially after work. Haunted Houses- I like the idea of being scared, but not actually being chased around with a chainsaw. Mixed drinks- fancy drinks are fancy, but sometimes I just want beer. Except I'm a girl and supposed to like cocktails, or something. I completely agree on high heels. And I agree with marshmallows above- I like them in theory, like in smores, the mini ones in hot chocolate, rice krispie treats, but I don't really like them.

  5. How about beer? I go to a party, knowing there will be beer there. Yes, so exciting! Annnnd they got a 24 pack of Keystone Light. Come on now, they always do this, what was I expecting? I'm just gonna go grab a glass of tap water, I guess...

  6. I'm feeling that way about exercise right now. I was doing soooo well with working out but now that I have a job, I haven't worked out in 2 weeks because when I get home I just want to chill. In serious slump mode right now haha.

  7. Haha I think we all have a list of these things. I LOVE onions and use them for almost every meal, so you would have to eat them at my house ;) I DEFINITELY have a love/hate relationship with Halloween, because I feel like it always steals my birthday thunder. Not this year, though! I even have two costumes!

  8. OMG ONIONS. People of America, stop putting them in our sandwiches and in our dishes. Some people are super sensitive to the raw onion or the raw garlic or the raw vodka and you know what, world? IT'S OKAY. We are allowed to feel like death after eating a raw red onion. Make them optional on menus. Seriously. The end.