Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October Goals | Check Up

Three weeks ago I posted my October goals. Now it's time to check in and see how things are going.

Go apple picking
There's a family owned farm maybe 30 minutes from where I live that does all of these festive fall activities. I've also found a good recipe for apple butter that I want to make so this fit perfectly but there was a lot going on during the weekends this month so I didn't get a chance. Perhaps this weekend.

Start saving for Christmas
I don't even know how to keep track of this. I haven't touched my Capital One 360 savings account since  opened it. I honestly don't even know how much is in it. I'm thinking $100. Trust me, that's a success. 

Go to the gym at least 10 times
In the interest of full disclosure I'll admit that I didn't do this at all. Sad, pathetic, yadda yadda. I know. Better luck next month? 

Stay on top of school work
Just ugh! I had so much due in the past 2 weeks, it was just crazy. Midterms suck! It seemed like in all but one class a 5-8 page paper was due. I actually have a 30 minute presentation due tomorrow night.

Watch 31 new horror/thriller movies
This one was a little harder than I expected. Horror is K's favorite genre so he was completely on board with this plan. Since starting I've watched Halloween 1, 2, 4 & 5; Candyman; Rec.; Psycho 2; The Orphanage; Leprechaun; Nightmare on Elm Street; The Uninvited; Coraline; 9; Evil Dead; Sharknado and Poltergeist 2 for a total of 16. The month isn't over so I still have Halloween 6 and all the Friday the 13th movies to get through. 
Side note: Sharknado is the best, worst movie ever. 

As a whole, I call this a pretty successful month. I'm already working on next month's list. How did you do? Do you set monthly goals? 


  1. Never ever set goals, I suck at them.

    You should check out The Crown and The Exorcism of Emily Rose, both great movies.

  2. Hey, looks to me like you did purty darn good!!! Keep it up girl.

  3. Oh man! I've heard great reviews about sharknado but still haven't seen it lol. Will have to add that to my list :)

  4. Love the horror movies! What did you think of The Orphanage?