Friday, October 18, 2013

Trick or Treat

Halloween is almost upon on us, which ordinarily means I'm trolling the interwebz looking at costumes. This year, I'm way ahead and already have everything hanging in the closet.

Halloween is way more stressful than it should be for me. I'm a curvy girl and we all know costumes are made for the smalls of the world. Sadly, this leaves me in search of the mythical XL costume or, a small plus size. Plus size, really? How about we start making them a little more true to size? You know, like clothes. As an adult I've only dressed up as one of these. I believe Halloween should follow the "less is more" theory, however, I do like to stay warm if needed. K and I are doing the "themed couple" thing this year and I'm kind of excited. It's nothing to crazy, but it will be fun. These are 6 of my favorite costumes. Can you guess what I'll be going as this year?


Can you guess what I'll be going as this year?


  1. I'm gonna go with Little Red Riding Hood at the top.

  2. I don't understand why Halloween has turned everything into something sexy? There are even sexy slices of pizza costumes. Seriously???? I guess sex sells.

  3. I think the Lil Red Riding Hood and a wolf would be awesome! I haven't been exciting for Halloween for a few years because I didn't get to dress up (lack of plans!), but I'm super excited this year! Can't wait to see which you choose!

  4. I'm going to guess a pirate? Haha. I bought one costume tonight, and my friend Buck mentioned that I could wear it next year if we don't go out. I scoffed at him, and said "It barely fits me this year!" They really do make them ridiculously small.