Friday, November 8, 2013

Birthday Wishes

Today I'm going to talk about me Surprise, surprise Really though, it's my birthday month so you're going to accept it and like it. Or you can click that little red x up there. Please don't click the red x.
As I was saying, it's my birthday month. I recently decided that every Friday I'm going to give you a birthday wishlist in the hope that certain persons Mom & K are paying attention.
The last birthday of the 20s takes place in 20 more days. Honestly 20s? Good riddance! You last 8.75 years have been some of the most frustrating, stressful, heart wrenching years and I am not sorry to see you go. Thirty just looks better. #notsorry

Since I'm an end of the year baby I've had all this time to think about what I want. Who are we kidding, I keep a running wishlist all year. Like me, it's all random. Nothing too fancy but things that will make my little heart skip with glee if I get one.

Birthday Wishlist

I'ts a pretty simple list, no?

One: I absolutely love this Reiss Bryony cropped leather jacket. Since it's $615 I don't expect to see this hanging in my closet, but I absolutely want this one by Worthington for JCP.

Two: Camo came back with a vengence. As much as I usually hate the print, I have to admit, it's cute when done right. I need to have this camo blazer

Three: I first tried this as a sample from an Ipsy bag and I immediately fell in love. Benefit mascara is ahhmazing! $23 would be the most I'd ever spent on a makeup product, but it's worth it.

Four: I have worn my brown boots non-stop since I got them but there's nothing wrong in having another pair. These Frye's are gorgeous. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find cognac colored boots that aren't too red, but also aren't too brown? Needle in a haystack, people.

Five: I have a Marc by Marc Jacobs watch I like but it's a leather band and it's always popping out. Time to switch to links. Unfortunately everyone and their dog now owns a Michael Kors watch. When in Rome.... seeing as how they actually are the nicest, moderately affordable watches out there.

Six: Technically I don't need this, I just want it. I love my Kindle Fire, but this Galaxy Note is just gorgeous. And I'm all about Team Samsung.

Seven: I love this Marc by Marc Jacobs Bird on a Wire bracelet. It's simple and pretty.

Eight: I have been on a quest to find new black pumps ever since mine melted thanks to the Georgia heat. I guess I'm super picky because I can't find anything I absolutely love for less than $100. Case in point, these Karren Millen patent pumps with their $225 tag.

Nine: I am so obsessed with quatrefoil right now. I have no idea why, but I freaking love the print. It's just fun to me. Since I have been pining to redecorate for...ever, I think these pillows would be awesome.

Ten: Thanks to Mom I have an infatuation with elephants. I have plenty of elephant pendants and figures but this Forever 21 bangle will fit right.

One obviously needs 2 of those cute little pillows up there, so that makes the grand total is $2,194.79. I think if you all went in on it you could make it happen. And then I'd love you forever and always.

What would you get?


  1. Aaaaaahhhhh to be 29 again and know what I know now. I so envy you girl. Love that pillow!!! And I do admire your champagne taste in clothing and accessories.

  2. My wishlist is similar, but I think my top wish is for that Michael Kors watch! I'm saying goodbye to the 20's too- HURRAY! And good riddance!

  3. damn, those are sexy boots! i agree; it's tough to find a good cognac pair...haven't found one yet!

    Vodka and Soda

  4. Hey there, Michael. I gotta say, I'm dying over that Reiss leather jacket. It is gorgeous! The JCP one looks a perfect match. Have you looked at Wilson's Leather for jackets? I used to buy all of mine from there back when I was in high school(cough10+yearsagocough) and I still have them! They held up great! Anyway, happy early birthday! Hope you get at least 1,000 dollars worth of that list. :-)


  5. got a best list of birthday wishes to frnkly on everyone looks prefect match to have all

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