Friday, November 22, 2013

Heard It From the Internet

What is this strange space and how did I get here?

Yeah, that's pretty much how I feel after this week's spontaneous blogging break. Not sorry about it one bit. I had nothing to say. I didn't even want to read. I was pretty much just going through the motions this past week and it sucked.

I did, however, happen to read a lot of funny shit on these interwebz. I believe laughs need to be shared. So that's what I'm doing.

You know school is getting to you when you read these and realize think that deep down, school is for suckers.

I've been working in Manhattan for over two years now. It's been crazy, frustrating, cumbersome and depressing. I can vouch for every single one of these facts about working in New York.

On Wednesday I stumbled across this list of 27 Bizarre Things All Women Have Done and I lost my shit. Seriously, it's hysterical and more true than anyone would like to admit. Let's see, I'll admit to #'s 1, 2 (I call it Hair Art); 15-17, 20, and 25. Your turn!

I'm officially changing my name to Jessica Day.

This had me missing Christmas in the 90s Like Whoa Black Rob anyone? I've had 18/40 and I can tell you the ones I miss the most are My Buddy/Kid Sister and Teddy Ruxpin. Childhood, please come back to me!

Pretty sure if I wore this today I'd be considered a fashionista.

And of course, the mother of all laughs. 31 gifs that had me non-stop laughing

See you kids on Monday!


  1. OMG! I totally do #2!! This is the one thing Charles hates about living together with me. He can't stand my hair being everywhere in the apt. and I can't help that I shed so much lol! And I totally did a kegal after reading # 10 haha! Love this list! Thanks for sharing mama :)

  2. I think you need to find your way to It sounds like you might already be there though. I've found some really good stuff on there and it's a great way to pass some time on the internet and find some great random stuff.