Monday, November 25, 2013

November Goals| Check Up

Here we are, the last week of November. I don't know where you are but here in NY/NJ it is beyond cold. Like, 25 degrees and windy cold. I'm not into it. Buuut, it really just means that all the awesome holidays are around the corner! And that, I don't hate. I'm itching to break out my holiday boxes. Soon my pretties, soon. Seriously, just Google decorating for Christmas and tell me you don't want to just live in a snow globe!


The weekend was insanely quiet and unexciting and it was just what I needed with the upcoming busy weekend. I did bake blueberry muffins though. They were gone as of this morning.
Since it's the end of the month it's probably a good time to check in with the monthly goals to see how I've done.
Go to the gym 
I'm proud to say I did this!!!  I went 5 times and I even worked out at home 2 days. Which is a HUGE improvement for me. I seriously have Setarra to thank for this. She keeps me motivated.
Continue saving for Christmas 
This was a giant fail. With the car repairs that sprang up my savings plan went out the window.
Make one eMeals recipe a week 
This was another fail. I need to roll this one over because I know it would save money on my grocery budget. The problem is K eats like a 4 year old. As in, if it's a vegetable, he won't eat it.
Do NOT touch my savings, no matter what 
We're just failing right along this month. I broke into my measly savings... for Bath & Body Works soap. I know, it's sad. But they were only $2.50 each!!
Finish a book 
I'm happy to say I actually finished 5 books and I'm halfway through another, which will be finished by Wednesday. I also picked up two books on CD for the drive to and from NY for the holiday. Since I know the one is 3 hours, like the drive, I'm counting my total as 7.
Well 2/5 isn't bad right? No, it's terrible. These were easy goals for the most part. I'm glad one of the successes was the gym though. Now I just need to keep that going.
That's all for today. The Christmas Bug has bit me which means I need to look at more Christmas decor pictures on Google. I mean, how else would I spend a short week?


  1. hey, you have GOALS set up for yourself which is something i can't say for myself because the only goals i have each moth are:

    1) don't kill anyone at work
    2) don't yell at anyone at work
    3) go to work.

    i love christmas! i'm so stoked for it this year :)

    Vodka and Soda

  2. 2 out of 5 isn't too bad. It's not really been your fault those things have happened. Stuff is out of your hand and it's not your fault you had to pay for your car and stuff. Pick yourself up and start saving up more.

  3. I do want to live in a snow globe. Look at that living room! I want that! Haha I eat like a 4 year old too. Vegetables are totally overrated.

  4. I think you did pretty darn good. I have been awful about my goals, but a new month is coming and that means I get another chance at perfecting my goals... Pssht ya right, lol.