Tuesday, December 3, 2013

29 is Mighty Fine

Heeeey, you guyyyss!
Make sure to read that in your Sloth voice, it's more fun.

Can you believe it's December?! The most magical time of the year is HERE! It's finally here. Ok, for me it started on my birthday/Thanksgiving. But the Christmas Express has been rolling full steam ahead in my world. Weekend recaps suck... unless you've had the most magical, fun filled, shopping overload of a weekend possible. Then you recap away. Which is exactly what I'm doing!

First, Thanksgiving was a lesson in gluttony at its finest. Pizza, turkey, burgers, waffles, spuds, and pie on pie on pie. My clothes hate me.

Second, birthday/Thanksgiving dinner was scrumptious! Mom made Peanut Butter pie. I decorated.

This amazing, cuddly, will-never-use blanket was my birthday present.
Best. Present. Ever.

Third, Black Friday, my most favorite non-holiday holiday of all time.

Since 2003 my mom and I go out, do our shopping and have a nice day running all over town. This year TRU opened at the ripe hour of 5pm Stop it TRU, just stop it so mom and I didn't get to go shopping. We did go out at midnight after she got off work but that only lasted about an hour.

I did make my annual splurge at Bath & Body works though. I didn't pick up as much stuff as last year but I still watched my total dwindle down from over $200 to a nice $46. There are no words for how awesome that is.

I spent the entire weekend with Little Miss of course. I'm continuously amazed at all the things she's picked up and knows how to do. And she's so polite with all her please, thank you and you're welcomes. She counts to 10, says butterfly, "I did it", "I see it" and a million other things. She has amazing comedic timing and she doesn't even know it. And her faces. I just can't. I want to keep her pocket sized forever.


This face. I can't.
Saturday, Mom, baby and I went to The shoppes at Montage and went to DSW. It was their first time. There's no such thing as "too soon" when it comes to a shoe affair!

Now it's Tuesday and I'm still adjusting to "real life". I hate it. 


  1. She is such a cutie!!!

    I love B&B after holiday sales!! I usually end up with a huge haul too but I'm budget tight this year. :(

  2. That pie looks amazing!!!!! Oh and that shoe store can probably cause some people to have the big O.

  3. She is so freaking adorable!!!
    And Happy Birthday!! I was gone on vacation so that's why I'm late! haha

  4. Looked like a good time! That blanket rocks! Are you planning on hanging it up? I did not go to BBW this year and I regret it. You got some awesome stuff!

  5. Damn that pie looks delicious! And never too early to start a love affair with shoes- she's too cute! And the blanket? Pretty much the sweetest present ever!

  6. Happy, happy belated birthday! Yummy pie, mmm. LOVE the blanket and that precious little face is so full of personality. You must love every single second with her!

  7. Happy (belated) birthday lovely. Your Thanksgiving sounds so yummy (screw what your clothes say lol)


  8. OMG that Peanut Butter Pie looks Amazing!!