Friday, December 6, 2013

December Goals | Out With a Bang

I'm not quite sure where this week went but as far as I'm concerned it's one week closer to Christmas!
Seriously though, this week went by in a blink. I woke up Wednesday wondering when I did the Time Warp for it to already be humpday. And here we are at Friday. I kind of like it.
This weekend is jam packed with to-dos and really, all I want to do is put up my Christmas tree, and holiday vomit all over my apartment while watching black and white holiday movies. But before all that craziness commences, I have a few goals in mind for this month.

Keep up with the gym
Last month I went 5 times. Let's break that record shall we?
Pay my credit card down by a minimum of $100
As much as I would love to send Benjamin's to Capital One every paycheck, it's not possible right now. I hate that this card is maxxed out. I always pay more than the $17 minimum but $60/month isn't doing me any favors. 
Check one thing off of my 101 in 1001 list
Can I be honest? I love this list. It has so many of my goals and plans all rolled into one straight-forward list. I want to cross one more thing off before the end of the year.
Finish the semester with a minimum 3.0 GPA
I've done pretty well on all my papers and tests this semester so I'm hoping for higher than that but I will be content with a 3.0
I think these are all pretty attainable. It's the end of the year and although I want to go out with a winning goal (ha, see what I did there) I also don't want to be unrealistic. We'll save that for January 1st!
Remember when I said this weekend was jampacked? Well tonight is my company's holiday party is tonight at Caroline's. If there's one thing I like it's all you can eat free food and drink. Add to that a couple comedians and I'm hoping it turns into a fun night.
Until Monday... keep it classy.

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  1. That holiday party sounds like fun! Ours is being held in the gym...yuck! At least it's open bar. Good luck with all of your goals and have a great weekend!