Monday, December 9, 2013

Jingle Those Bells

The holiday season hasn't started off with the usual explosion of decor that it has in previous years.

I'm one of those Thanksgiving weekend decorators. And yet, this year it just hasn't happened. Partially because the new tree I ordered had some issues with it being ready for pickup. I tried to keep my cool but when #fwp infringe on my Christmas decorating, I get a little abominable.

Speaking of the abominable, he's ready for the season. I decorated my desk first thing last Monday.

My mom > your mom
 By Wednesday I was itching to decorate and I was finally able to pick up my tree. I set it up and started "fluffing the branches".

Let me just say, this part sucked. Fortunately, I had the company of Thor.
Dear Santa, please leave Chris Hemsworth under my tree...

I wasn't able to decorate until Saturday but when everything came together it was as pretty as a picture. See!

I'm glad to finally have the house decorated and ready for the holiday. Fun fact? The test of the weekend plans ending up not happening so in a roundabout way I got what I wanted, a peaceful weekend full of movies and quiet.

This week it's back to crunch time. I have a final Tuesday night, assignments due Wednesday and a final paper due Wednesday, which of course I haven't started. Worst student award The six papers are only two pages each so I'm genuinely not worried about them. What I am worried about is next Tuesday's final. I truly feel as though I've learned nothing in this class. I'm hoping the measly review we did do and will do tomorrow night will be enough. I can't even begin to tell you how over school I am. Although, remember when I mentioned I may be graduating late because of that one class? Welll... it's being offered at a time I can take it and this girl is registered and will graduate next December! Guess who's counting the days?

Until Wednesday... 


  1. It must be so stressful having finals this time of year. It's been so long ago I can't remember. Those Rudolph characters are so cool!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE THOSE LITTLE FIGURINES FROM RUDOLPH!!!!!!!!!!! The abominable snowman is the cutest!!!!

  3. Love your set up! Very cute. Glad you were able to have a relaxing weekend- good luck on the exam!

  4. I absolutely love those Rudolph figurines. I'm so jealous. That was always my favorite of the Christmas special growing up, and I'm not even afraid to admit all of this now as an adult.

  5. I got to decorate this weekend too, now it being almost Christmas feels real!

    Love your Rudolph decorations, one of my favorites from childhood.

  6. Damn girl, you have alot of work to do! Sending good vibes for you to get all done and still be alive haha! Does this mean you'll be graduating on time since you can take the class?

  7. Peaceful weekends with nothing to do are THE best! Love all your decorations!

  8. look at you decking your halls!! i love it!

  9. I hope everything went well with your school work! PS. I love your Betty Boop figurine.