Monday, December 30, 2013

Kris Kringle Has Left the Building

Ok, I have retyped this first sentence at least three times. After all this time away it's as if I've forgotten how to start a post. Yeah right....

This weekend has been crazy. Lots of family time, especially with Little Miss, way too much to eat, lots of Christmas swag and catching up with friends.
I have been wanting to post this picture since the beginning of December but since my Mom reads Le Blog, I couldn't post it. It did make its way to Twitter though since she doesn't have one of those. This was one of her presents.

The little bear is mine. Size comparison and all...
I had seen them back in November and planned on getting one. When I went back to buy him and was told they were sold out I freaked. This bear was mandatory. I took the store's info and followed up with them later that week and they were kind enough to track one down for me. Let me just tell you, this bear on the subway - an interesting experience. Since she absolutely loved him he was worth every penny!

Christmas was leaner than in previous years but it was equally awesome. I got lots of awesome things. Planner, a new knife set, a sandwich maker, Disney stuff galore, dishes and other fun things. You know you've become an adult when you start asking for knives and dishes.

Except I didn't want just any dishes. I've had my eye on Fiesta dishes for the longest time. Every time I'm in Kohl's I look at them longingly. The colors are so pretty and bright and.... it's expensive. A place setting is $50. ONE SETTING. Since Mom always puts Santa to shame I got not one setting, but four.

Everyone needs a little balance so all of my grown-up goodies were matched with Disney's finest. Four or five years ago I started re-collecting all the classic Disney movies. Now one whole shelf is dedicated to anything Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks. Every year I get a new movie that I'm missing. This year I got more than just the movie

The collection is almost complete!

My Christmas tree is about to graduate to Disney-hood!
How awesome are they?! I've noticed the older I get, the younger I am. Needless to say, Christmas was great. It was double the fun since I had to open all of Little Miss' stuff too.

Sunday I spent in NYC visiting with Setarra and her boo. MacNcheese and laughs were had.  I had the mac 'shroom and it was insanely good.

Mac 'Shroom

I'll still recouping from my awesome week. See you kids tomorrow for a special post!


  1. sounds and LOOKS like you had a great week!! it's been hard trying to get into the routine of doing things other than lazing around and well, doing nothing LOL

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Lord knows how I start my posts. Usually it's a follow up to the title. The bear looks adorable and I'm so glad you were able to pick one up. Asking for bowls is completely counteracted and made not adult by asking for colourful ones so you're alright there. Throw Disney into the mix and you're fine. No growing up just yet.

  3. OOOOHHHHH I love those dishes. They would match my Crayola crayon box of a house.

  4. Very cool that the store actually tracked that bear down for you. Most stores around here are like, "Yeah, we don't have it. Sucks to be you."

    Also, that mac 'shroom looks amazing.

  5. Um...that mac'shroom looks dangerouslygood!!