Thursday, December 19, 2013


Oh, I was supposed to post yesterday? Oops. About that. No but really, I've been seriously slacking here. I've had the worst case of bloggeritis lately and I just haven't been in the mood to put my thoughts to screen. It happens. It's just that most people have back up posts in the even of said breaks. Me? Not so much. But I plan to change that.
For the past couple of days I've been outlining a new schedule of sorts. I like to think I'm pretty well organized, at least on paper. Stephanie though, she's a rare breed when it comes to organization. Her obsession is my gain! At the end of November she posted her Tips For Organizing Your Blog Posts. She uses a four week rotating schedule and my plan is to tweak this method and make it work for me.

I sat down and thought about the categories I write about most often. Stephanie suggests making these broad so that you will always have something to write about each week. I didn't want to get to crazy since I only post three days a week, but I came up with four topics that I'm certain will work for me. Next up was to designate which days those topics will be posted. Since I post on a MWF schedule, this required some work. I didn't want life posts to be on a Wednesday when weekend recaps and things of that nature are usually on Mondays. Not that I do them that often.

I'm hoping this gets my blog life better organized in 2014. It should also help with writer's block, lack of motivation and all those other I'm not posting reasons.

Do you have a system for your posts or do you just write it out and hit publish?
Any suggestions?


  1. Other than having a shit ton of drafts saved, I really post based on my mood. Perhaps I will get back into somewhat of a schedule, but even then, I don't particularly want to limit myself on posting a specific thing on a specific day every day...

  2. Good luck. It sounds like a good idea.
    I tried a scheduled when I first stated and the probably I couldn't post most days because I haven't done what was suppose to go there. So I ditched it.