Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Count Me Out

Remember back in December when Blogland's favorite box store was hacked? Unfortunately this little scandal affected me in that on the last date of issue, December 15th, I happened to make a purchase there. Let me tell you how irritating this is. I never go to Target. Yup, I said it.  I just don't. Partly because I'm trying to keep my dollars where I can see them... hanging in my closet bank account. But also because everyone and their dog shops at Target and I hate being a sheep. My new Chase card should be along shortly and then starts the fun task of updating all of my accounts, auto-payments and what not. Thanks Target.

And in recent news, the cult coffee shop app is ripe for the hacking. Seriously. I kind of just want to laugh. I mean, it's funny in that glad it's not me kind of way. I'm a Galaxy fan so I'm safe as this affects iOS users only.

This of course got me thinking about other things I'd rather not be involved in which led me to think of things I just don't do.

I don't give more than 3 chances
That's not to say that you'll get three attempts to screw up but if I think the relationship is worth the time and energy to fix, you're allowed no more than three. After that, it's bye, bye, bye.

Bad grammar
Yes, I'm a grammar and spelling nazi. I will correct you (most of the time) and I will point it out. It's not because I think I'm better, it's because we all went through English for 12 years and there is zero reason why you shouldn't be able to spell or speak properly. Granted, we all make typos and mistakes and that's fine, but if you're using the word loose instead of the word lose, we've got a problem.

Late Night Movies
Call it old, call it boring, I really don't care. I refuse to go see a movie showing later than 6pm. W asked me to go see a movie but said it started at 10:30 and asked if that was ok. My response? Hell no, I'm in bed! 

Wearing Heels to a Sporting Event
Do you realize how ridiculous you look traipsing around grass and bleachers in a pair of heels? If not, allow me to laugh at you until it starts to sink it. Just don't do it. 

I know sharing is caring and all of that Kindergarten nonsense but I've become quite selfish in my 29 years. Kind of. There are just some things I won't share... like toothbrushes, towels, and food. Get your own!

And there you have some of my "dont's". The tip of the iceberg if you will. Believe me, there are plenty of others but really, as Kat likes to say...



  1. Nothing more entertaining than watching a girl in ridic heels teeter up and down the bleachers as she hangs onto any available man's arm for dear life. Honey, have you never been to a stadium before?? Or watched a game on TV? Not practical! That's what cute boots and flats are for, use them!
    And sorry you got hacked...that sucks! I still love my Target though, hackers and all. That's my happy place. Baa Baa!

  2. My dad texted me the other day & he used the wrong form of to/too and it took all of my self control and sitting on my hands not to text him back and correct him! Also that someecard always makes me laugh, ALWAYS!

  3. I hate when people wear heels to sporting events!!! I secretly want them to fall down the stairs and tumble all the way down to the field OVER the plastic safety crap they now have.


    but seriously.

  4. I laughed out loud at the "heels at sporting events". You'd be amazed in Dallas that it's par for the course (pun intended - they walk around in golf tournaments in them). I try to look as frumpy and comfortable as possible, on purpose. It's the rebel in me.

  5. You know I love you, but not shopping at Target....I would die!! Call me a follower, but that place is my mecca of peace!! LOL!! And no to heels at a sporting event...period!!

  6. hahahaha that e-card is hilarious- and so true!

  7. We are going to see Jo Koy at 9:45 on Saturday, and I had to plan LOTS of activities before the show, because I knew we'd be passing out that late! I'm not one to harp on grammar. I make little mistakes every now and then, so I would feel like a hypocrite ;) I just chalk it up to not knowing the type of education they received. Especially now that we work with soldiers that were never taught to read even after twelve years of school! Super sad, and who am I to judge them.