Friday, January 10, 2014


Well hey there Friday! So glad you're here. I'm not sure if it's because it's been colder than Antarctica here literally, or because this is the first full week I've worked in I don't know how long, but you took forever to get here. Either way, let's get this little party started!

It's been 4619786 posts since I've decided to do some Friday Letter's, so today you're getting just that.

Dear NYC: Warm the eff up already. I know it's winter but we're not Minnesota. We don't need to impress anyone with our coldness.

Dear luck:  In the words of Dory: just keep swimming, just keep swimming... right on over to me! (I won $50 on the Auburn/Seminoles game Monday night)

Dear Loft: Your sales are amazing. Let's never fight. If someone wanted to just gift me with a shopping spree within your marvelous walls I wouldn't be the least bit disappointed.

Dear weight: I'm so over you. I know I didn't act like it much this week but tomorrow starts a new week and I am seriously going to do everything I can to cut you down to size.

Dear Mom: Lub! (most)

Dear popcorn maker: This measly offering of popcorn you provided me with is not acceptable. You will be promptly returned this weekend. Like, what the hell is this? You barely even popped half the kernels. No bueno.

And with that, let's have ourselves a merry little weekend!  


  1. That is one highly ineffective popcorn maker. I'd say maybe you should return it for the good of your diet but yesterday I had pizza and chips and it fell well within my diet. I kinda want to find someone who's starving themselves and eat pizza in front of them. It isn't the food that makes you fat it's the choices you make. Popcorn could be part of a balanced diet.

  2. That popcorn would have made me so sad.

  3. It's been super cold here too! It's going to warm up this weekend but it's also going to rain. I'll take it anyway!

    What's up with all the un-popped popcorn? Clearly that's not a popcorn maker so much as a popcorn waster.

  4. That is way too many un-popped kernels! Unacceptable!

  5. Oh no on the popcorn lol. Take that sucker back. I like the old tin pan popcorn maker than you cook on the stove the best.

    Cute tops