Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Love

Three cheers for Friday. Who doesn't love a short work week? I know I do! And on top of that the first night of classes was cancelled due to that lovely little storm that arrived on Tuesday. Let's just say I wasn't complaining. Class or pjs, Disney and popcorn? Tough decisions.

Now that Friday is finally here I wanted to share some things I was really into this week am clearly calling attention to the fact that I forgot to have a post ready to go. Oops. This week was kind of a tailspin what with Monday off, a storm on Tuesday, class on Thursday and poof! heeeere's Friday!

Two posts that really stood out to me this week were Miss Yoga Pants' post about writing for fun. I was reading along and it was like an Herbal Essence commercial in my head. It was yes's all around. Kathy from Vodka & Soda has become one of my favorite bloggers. She's hilarious, inspiring and just all around awesome. She posted about how weight loss is more than just losing weight and it really resonated with me and my fitness goals.

You know what? That's all I've got for you today. Short, sweet and to the point.


  1. Hehehehe I'm a pro at looking busy on Friday while actually doing nothing at all. I just let the phone ring one more time than I usually would so someone else would get it. ;)

  2. Girl, I took full advantage of the three-day weekend we had! In our business, holidays are hard to come by so short weeks are very appreciated!

    Unfortunately, it's Monday again. Boo!

    ♥ Duckie.